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19th SQ Awards:
Celebrating Big Little Moments 

19th SQ Awards.jpg

On 12 September, we celebrated the 19th SQ Awards at the Auditorium, from 12pm to 2pm. 


This is the FIRST in-person award ceremony since the 16th SQ Awards and the atmosphere was filled with excitement! 


We have a total of 82 award recipients under four different categories, where their little acts of kindness have created a big impact on our patients. 




Service Champs 


Service Ambassador Gold Award


Service Ambassador Silver Award

The Service Ambassador (Silver & Gold) Award recognises individuals who have made a positive difference to our patients, and the Service Champion Award recognises individuals who have previously received the Service Ambassador Award and consistently delivered excellent service to enhance patient experience.

The highest accolade of the Service Quality Awards, CEO & CMB Award, is awarded to exemplary individuals who have gone beyond their call of duty in delivering incredible care to our patients & families. This year we have a total of four awardees winning this prestigious award!


Adj Asst Prof Lin Shuxun

Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgery


SSN Teo Lily Joanna

Senior Staff Nurse, Endoscopy


Chia Chong Wai Roy 

Senior Therapy Associate, Podiatry


Santhi D/O Mariappan

Senior Patient Service Associate,

Specialist Outpatient Clinic

Check out the full list of winners here.


The highlight of the event was a touching video showcasing patients and their dedicated caregivers. In this heartwarming display, they expressed their gratitude for small gestures that hold significance to them. These patients recounted their personal interactions with our award recipients, emphasising the importance of acts of kindness.

Watch the video here(Intranet connection is required)

At the Auditorium Foyer, staff were actively interacting and enjoying the sumptuous lunch. Many were also crowding at the caricaturist station to bring home a personalised caricature keychain. Our staff were also excited about the 3D photobooth, posing with oversized cupcakes cutouts to create their own “Little Moments, Big Memories”. 


Congratulations to all the recipients and let’s continue to celebrate Big Little Moments!

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