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Managers Engagement Forum: 
Inspiring Purpose and Progress within JHC

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On 21 June, exciting updates on our organisation's performance and strategic goals were shared at the Managers Engagement Forum. The auditorium was filled with positive news, important reminders and more, all delivered with a shared purpose.

Organisation's Performance Highlights

Patient Care


Close to


new unique patients in FY2023, bringing our total unique patients served to a remarkable 646,000

Bed Capacity

More than


beds in operation in NTFGH and JCH, showcasing our ongoing commitment to patient care.

Balanced Scorecard (BSCs)


11 of 14 KPIs

achieved and exceeded every KPI in the People Segment.


Our team’s dedication is truly paying off!


Aside from organisational goals and achievements, another heartwarming part of the forum was the commendation ceremony, where our heroic security officers were recognised for their quick and compassionate responses to public emergencies. Their actions remind us of the importance of being vigilant and ready to help.

Last but not least, we also took a moment to emphasise the importance of protecting personal data. The use of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System must be authorised and strictly for patient care purposes. This is crucial for keeping our patients’ information safe and maintaining trust.

For more details and a deeper dive into our achievements, you can check out the full presentation slides on DMS with restricted access.

Together, we’re making great strides and setting new standards in patient care and operational excellence. Keep up the fantastic work, everyone!

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