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Arts&Health Festival 2023

On 20th September, we celebrated the seventh edition of our Arts&Health Festival. This year's theme, “Small Wonders”, revolved around discovering the simple joys in life and finding delight in the little moments and memories that bring us happiness.

We were grateful for the contributions of our community partners - Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre, REACH Community Services, REACH Youth Powerhouse, and Kindermusik Singapore. We also extend our appreciation to the artists and performers who enriched the festival with their creative collaborations, as well as the dedicated volunteers whose tireless efforts ensured the success of the opening ceremony.

Art installations featuring a total of six exhibitions titled “Collection of Happiness”, “Precious Moments”, “To Pause”, “Art Outside of the Box”, “PortrAIts: Small Things That Matter”, and “Simple Joys”, are on display in Tower A and B, from 20 September to mid-November.


A special shoutout goes to “Art Outside of the Box”, a fundraising initiative co-organised by JurongHealth Festival 2023 and JurongHealth Fund. This unique project showcases the talents of contemporary and sustainable artist and caregiver, Anja Elstner, whose parents-in-law were patients of NTFGH and JCH. If you wish to contribute to this meaningful cause and bring a piece of sustainable art home, you can make a donation here.

Day 2

The second day of the festival began on a harmonious note, with a captivating performance by the violinist and harpist duo, Charmaine and David. This was followed by Asher Mendelsohn, a first-time performer at JurongHealth Campus, sharing his rendition of familiar tunes.

For those with a penchant for crafts, there were two delightful options for our participants. Some were busy crafting personalised tote bags at the Tote-Bag Art Jamming workshop, while others found solace and creative expression during the healing art session, titled "Colours of Joy: Nagomi Art", skillfully conducted by Hui Ting of Quirkyting Art Studio.


Day 3


The final day of the festival opened with the melodic tunes of SoundCheQ and AFTERGLOW. Participants with nimble fingers were guided by Cheryl Teo of LULO Paper Studio in crafting delightful paper pets.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival just a week away, a special concert titled “Tales from the Moon - 花好月圆”  was dedicated to the patients of JCH. Presented by Zip Zap Zoom Collective, the performance immersed the audience in familiar folktales and had everyone singing along to beloved hits such as “The Moon Represents My Heart (月亮代表我的心)” and “Moonlight In The City (城里的月光)”.

This heartwarming programme was part of our ongoing monthly Arts&Health concert series and served as the closing event for the Arts&Health Festival 2023 – Small Wonders.


The Arts&Health Festival was supported by JurongHealth Fund.

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