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How did We Score:
Our Balanced Scorecard Performance


A Balanced Scorecard (BSC) aligns our corporate strategy with measures, which in turn helps the organisation monitor our progress towards achieving our goals. These goals include both cluster and institutional priorities.


For FY23, we are tracking our progress through 14 KPIs, assessing the success of our key initiatives and priorities from FY2023-FY2025. The current update provided a trend analysis for targets measured in Q2, employing traffic light indicators - Green for on track, Yellow for partly behind, and Red for behind target. Grey indicates data unavailability.

In our current Balanced Scorecard, the prevalence of eight green indicators outweighs others, indicating organisational success. For some, we fell slightly below the target, e.g. the Patient Experience Survey and 30-day Readmission Rate due to various challenges.  Although the Wait Time to Admission target did not meet expectations, we achieved a reduction in waiting time compared to previous years.

On a positive note, we excel in Nursing FTE Ratio, more staff were trained in future-ready skills, SOC lead time to appointment, SOC and OT utilisation, Nursing Documentation Reduction, and Carbon Emission Reduction, which fall within the Sustainability pillar. These accomplishments showcase our commitment to continuous improvement and success in key areas.

Let's work together through the different workstreams to continue to overcome the challenges while working on achieving the targets. 

JurongHealth Campus FY 2023 Dashboard 

(As of September 2023 )

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