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Give Blood, Save Lives

We saw more than 50 colleagues donating blood at the blood donation drive held in conjunction with Good Neighbour Day 2022!

Saw Newyer.JPG

"The thought of people benefitting from my blood donation makes me happy."

 - Saw Newyer

(Clinical Coder)


"It's amazing how we can save lives just by donating our own blood."

 - Shankari Faith

(Medical Social Worker)

Dr Gary.JPG

"Donating blood is a painless way of giving back to the society. It's a convenient and healthy way of doing something good."

- Dr Gary Lee

(Head, Audiology)

Nur Hernie_ED_edited.jpg

"My grandmother has a low haemoglobin count and requires blood transfusion. When I donate my blood, I'm doing my part in giving back to the society just like how others have helped donate blood for my grandmother."

 - Nur Hernie

(Staff Nurse, Emergency Department)

If you would like to donate blood, make an appointment now at the Bloodbank@Westgate Tower, which is within walking distance from our campus!

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