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Three Years of Excellence - 
Thank You, Medical Equipment Replacement Workgroups Members!

On 7 March, it was with great pleasure and gratitude that we came together to celebrate the outstanding efforts and achievements of our dedicated Medical Equipment Replacement Workgroups. These workgroups comprise a diverse and dedicated team of 170 individuals, encompassing staff from various departments including Administration, Allied Health, Ancillary, Medical, Nursing, and ALPS.

These 170 workgroup members played a crucial role, significantly contributing to our commitment to sustainable healthcare financing. Initiated three years ago, the Medical Equipment Replacement Workgroups were formed with a clear mission— to carry out advance planning for equipment refresh and ensure the seamless execution of replacement plans upon budget approval. The meticulous planning involved in this process aimed to reduce instances of unplanned and unbudgeted replacement requests, ensuring that funds are directed where and when they are most critically needed.

The holistic and targeted review of medical equipment replacement across our campus aimed to maintain optimal operational equipment levels. Standardisation of equipment, where possible, sought to leverage economies of scale, bulk discounts, and term deals. With the majority of our equipment approaching the end of their 8th-10th year lifespan, the workgroups explored alternatives to maximise asset lifespan, including repair, donation utilisation, and strategic asset rotation.

Celebrating Milestones

Today, the 27 workgroups stand proud, having successfully deferred 81 equipment units over the past three years. This achievement is a testament to the hard work, innovation, and collaborative spirit of our 170  Medical Equipment Replacement Workgroup members.



The journey wasn't without its challenges. Coordinating busy schedules and managing information flow proved demanding, reflecting the commitment and resilience of our workgroup members. Prioritising assets for replacement posed another hurdle, as it required navigating uncharted territories in data collection and systemisation. Yet, the workgroups faced these challenges with determination and dedication.

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Relive the joyous moments of our Appreciation Luncheon honoring the 170-strong members of the 27 Medical Equipment Replacement Workgroup. The event featured a warm welcome from CEO Dr Quek Lit Sin and CEO-Designate A/Prof Dan Yock Young, followed by expressions of gratitude from Co-Chairpersons Ms Ong Kwee Heok, Chief Financial Officer, and Dr Lennard Harold Thean, Senior Consultant, Department of Ophthalmology. A glimpse into milestones and future plans was shared before an exclusive lunch and the distribution of door gifts. Staff enjoyed crafting Churros and capturing memories at the lively photo booth.


View the gallery and revisit the celebration!

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