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CE's Townhall - May 2023

On Thursday, 25 May 2023, we held our Chief Executive's (CE) Townhall at JHC! Our CE and senior leaders shared their commitment to staff well-being, and the importance of supporting staff against abuse and harassment. 

The session also covered other aspects of discussions including

  • Improving workflow processes by simplifying and working smart; introduction of the G.R.O.S.S method

  • ​Creating opportunities for growth by developing every NUHS staff to their fullest potential to develop the healthcare teams of the future

  • Finding meaning in what we do by being Singapore’s foremost academic health system (AHS)

  • A snapshot of NUHS’s 5-year workplan


Our staff enjoyed a variety of snacks and refreshments after the session, which included: Old Chang Kee's curry puffs, fishball and sausage sticks, nachos, corn cups, tea eggs, and Muah Chee!

Check out photos of the CE's Townhall here!

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