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Climb your way to a better health!

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With the objective of promoting awareness of the staircase locations and encouraging staff to integrate stair climbing into their daily routines, the Health Promoting Hospital Committee (also known as HPH) distributed healthy coconut drinks at the staircase of Tower A and Tower C on 24 November.


The distribution point was intentionally stationed between level 3 and 4 to encourage staff to climb the staircase to collect this special treat!


A total of 220 fresh coconuts and 670 tetra pack coconut drinks were distributed to staff who climbed the staircase to look for our HPH Committee members.


Thank you for joining us, and remember to climb the stairs for a healthier and happier you!


Tower A


Tower C

 Check out more photos below!

JHC Health Promoting Hospital Committee

 By creating a healthy workplace and health setting guided by the Five Pillars of Health - Eat Wisely, Exercise Regularly, Be Happy, Stop Smoking and Practise Personal Hygiene, the JHC Health Promoting Hospital Committee aims to encourage every staff to take charge of their own health and wellbeing by adopting good lifestyle habits.

HPH is actively planning more engaging activities for our staff to enjoy. Keep an eye for an array of exciting activities proudly brought to you by our HPH committee!

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