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Strength in Governance,
Trust in Leadership

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JHC Medical Board organised a Clinical Governance Retreat on 1 Mar, kicking off with team-building exercises to promote a spirit of collaboration. 


As we explore the complexities of clinical governance, it's essential to recognise its goal: building trust among all involved parties.


Governance involves three essential functions:

(1) Making decisions

(2) Establishing policies

(3) Ensuring compliance with those policies


These functions ensure the strength and effectiveness of governance practices. Governance operates on multiple levels, with Clinical Governance and Institutional Governance being particularly relevant to our campus.

The agenda centered on reviewing our Clinical Governance framework, ensuring it remains relevant and effective. Our Medical Board staff focused on assessing how we meet our goals, especially in the areas outlined in the framework. 


While the retreat placed emphasis on refining the vision of the future and building strategies, we valued its role in fostering connections and open communication among team members. By providing a positive and motivating atmosphere, we aim to strengthen collaboration and work collectively towards achieving our objectives.


The key outcomes of the Clinical Governance Retreat include:

  1. Vision of the 6 domains

  2. Plans for the next 5 years

  3. Measure of success to achieve the vision 


The retreat served as a valuable learning journey for over 38 Medical Board staff and leaders. By engaging in insightful discussions and sharing best practices, our attendees gained a deeper understanding of the importance of clinical governance and its impact on overall campus performance. The knowledge and insights gained from the retreat will definitely contribute to the refinement of JurongHealth Campus’ governance practices, which will ultimately benefit the entire JHC community.

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