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Chinese New Year Lohei With Patients 

We finally managed to organise a physical Chinese New Year celebration for our patients after a good 3 years of hiatus! Organised by our Community Relations department, and supported by JurongHealth Fund, 27 patients enjoyed a fun-filled festive event.


Our special guests - students and teachers from Nanyang Primary School (NYPS) brought cheers to our patients through CNY-themed art activities like Chinese calligraphy, clay-making, and folding of craft oranges using special nettings. Patients were also treated to captivating performances by the talented NYPS Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Dance groups;

their Prefects also did a fun sing-along as part of their performance. 

During the event, we hosted a CNY Bingo game with active involvement from the students and volunteers, and most of our patients won a little gift!


The grand finale for the festive celebration was one of the patients' favourites - LOHEI!

Thank you Chief Nurse, Ms Ng Sow Chun and Head, JCH Nursing, Ms Chan Mei Mei

for gracing the event and Lohei session with our patients. 

A special shoutout to our Friends of JurongHealth Campus volunteers, as well as colleagues from Communications, General Services, Emergency Planning, Group Hospitality Services, Security & Transport, JCH Operations and Nursing

for another successful event! 

:: Check out more photos from the celebration here ::

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