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Issue 25

8 March 2024


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Our Stories.

It's Dong Dong Chiang Time!
JHC Celebrates Lunar New Year!

Check out how we usher in the Year of the Dragon - JHC style!🐉🍑🍑


Rollin' Together with DIY Vietnamese Rolls!

300 Vietnamese rolls to foster strong bonds and creating lasting memories together!

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Three Years of Excellence - 
Thank You, Medical Equipment Replacement Workgroups Members!

Check out the achievements and milestones by our committed staff!


Strength in Governance, Trust in Leadership

Fostering Collaboration: JHC Medical Board @ Clinical Governance Retreat!


A Special Visit by WHO-GALLOPS Delegates!

We hosted WHO-GALLOPS for an insightful exchange on Global Action on Patient Safety.

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NUHS Allied Health Learning Festival 2024

JHC Allied Health is proud to host the 2nd NUHS Allied Health Learning Festival!




Recap the highlights and soak in the memorable moments of JHC LIVE with us!


New Pneumatic Tube System (PTS)

Celebrate successes and move towards a more inclusive community!


Employee Engagement Survey Results


Celebrate successes, and chart our course towards a more engaged campus!

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Long Service Award 2023 - Celebrating Dedication JHC Style!

Here's to Your Years of Dedication and Excellence!

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Welcome CEO-Designate, A/Prof Dan!

Get to know our A/Prof Dan through this special series!



NUHS Caregivers' Day

Honoring Our Caregivers: Inaugural NUHS Caregiver Awards Celebration!

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Touching hearts touching lives.png

Touching Hearts, 
              Touching Lives.

Staff who inspire, with kindness and compassion

In the News.


破解肾脏病迷思 (Busting myths about kidney disease)

Dr Prashanth Ramesh Manjanabail, Senior Consultant, Renal Medicine, NTFGH, highlighted the importance of maintaining kidney health by adopting a healthy lifestyle and advised individuals with diabetes or hypertension to go for regular health screenings, as having a good control of these conditions can prevent the development of kidney disease.


• Shin Min Daily News, Fukan, Page 14 (27 February 2024)

健康科学减肥 (Losing weight the healthy way)


Dr Chan Soo Ling, Consultant, Endocrinology, NTFGH, emphasised that the key to sustainable weight loss lies in controlling calorie intake, maintaining a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients, avoiding high-calorie and high-fat foods, increasing physical activity, and adopting healthy lifestyle habits.


• Channel 8 Hello Singapore (26 February 2024)


处方减重药有效吗?医生:非减肥捷径 (Doctor explains that prescription weight-loss drugs are not a shortcut to losing weight)


Dr Chan Soo Ling, Consultant, Endocrinology, NTFGH, emphasised that individuals should consult medical professionals before consuming weight-loss drugs, and stressed that they are not standalone remedies. For optimal outcomes, adopting a healthy lifestyle is important as well.


• Lianhe Zaobao, zbLOHAS, Page 2 (27 February 2024)


将韩国传统艺术带入病房 为病患打气 (Bringing cheer to patients with Korean folk art)

Ms Min Yu, an Art-on-the-Move volunteer, incorporates Minhwa, a form of Korean folk art in engagement activities for NTFGH and JCH patients. The hands-on sessions facilitated by the volunteers bring cheer to the patients.


• Lianhe Zaobao, Page 8 (26 February 2024)


肥胖是选择还是疾病?(Is obesity a lifestyle choice or a disease?)


Dr Chan Soo Ling, Consultant, Endocrinology, NTFGH, shared that individuals with obesity are more prone to feel hungry and tend to consume more food, as their hypothalamus produces significantly fewer hormones that signal satiety and they have more hunger-related hormones.


• Shin Min Daily News, Page 12 (20 February 2024)


加入时令食材 让健康饮食变精彩(Include seasonal produce to make healthy diet more interesting)

Ms Grace Michael, Principal Dietitian, NTFGH, recommended incorporating seasonal produce into daily meals. She explained that doing so not only ensures the ingredients’ freshness, but also introduces different ingredients throughout the year, making healthy meals more enjoyable and something to look forward to.


Shin Min Daily News, Page 8 (18 February 2024)

image004 (1).png

新的一年 健康过每一天 (Healthy living every day) 


Dr Heidi Chang, Associate Consultant, Colorectal Surgery, NTFGH, advised individuals to follow "My Healthy Plate" guidelines to safeguard their colorectal health. Dr Gary Lee, Head, Audiology, NTFGH, suggested for older adults above the age of 60 to go for annual hearing checks and to be open to try out hearing aids to improve their overall well-being.


• Shin Min Daily News, Page 12 (13 February 2024)

image005 (1).png

新春聚会如何喝得健康?(How to choose healthier drink choices for the new year?) 


Dr Chan Soo Ling, Consultant, Endocrinology, NTFGH, explained that drinks such as barley tea, freshly squeezed juice, soymilk and chrysanthemum tea are good for one’s health, but should be taken in moderation as they contain a certain amount of sugar and calories.


• Shin Min Daily News, Page 8 (14 February 2024)


Signs are good for stronger economy in 2024: PM Lee


During the visit last Friday on Lunar New Year eve, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong thanked healthcare workers for their hard work for maintaining a high standard of healthcare in Singapore. He also tossed yusheng and celebrated Lunar New Year with the staff.


Print coverage:

• The Straits Times, Page 1 (10 February 2024)

Lianhe Zaobao, Page 1 (12 February 2024)

Berita Harian, Page 1 (10 February 2024)

The Business Times, Page 1 (10 February 2024)

Online coverage:

TODAY (10 February 2024)

CNA Online (10 February 2024)

8world (10 February 2024)

Broadcast coverage (clips uploaded on Intranet):

CNA Singapore Tonight (9 February 2024)

Channel 8 News (9 February 2024)

•  Suria Berita (9 February 2024)

Vasantham Seithi (9 February 2024)

CNA 938 (9 February 2024)

CAPITAL 958FM (9 February 2024)

WARNA 942FM (9 February 2024)

OLI 968FM (9 February 2024)


黄廷方医院拟用新设备 自动检测病人生命体征 (NTFGH’s proposed new system will automate monitoring of patients’ vitals)


Ms Rosidah Bte Idris, Nurse Clinician, Nursing Informatics, NTFGH, explained that the VitalScout project, which is supported by the NTUC Company Training Committee (CTC) Grant, features wearables that automate the monitoring of patients’ vitals. Ms Joanna Tan, Assistant Director of Nursing, Nursing Administration, NTFGH, shared that the aim of the Inventory Management System in Perioperative Services project is to redesign workflows by leveraging inventory management solutions to automate stock management.


• Lianhe Zaobao, Page 5 (12 February 2024)

8world (9 February 2024)


Unseen Heroes: The Heartbeat of Healthcare During Festive Seasons and Beyond


Mr Eugene Chean, Radiographer, NTFGH, and Ms Yip Song Ling, Staff Nurse, Ward C4, JCH, who were on duty during the Lunar New Year festive season, shared what inspired them to join healthcare. Ms Marie Kaylin Wong, Assistant Nurse Clinician, Operating Theatre, NTFGH, explained that with the upcoming inventory management project supported by the NTUC Company Training Committee Grant, nurses can devote more time to patient care because the system will automate the inventory management of non-stock items.


• LabourBeat (10 February 2024)

NTUC Singapore YouTube (10 February 2024)


Live Well. Leave Well. Episode 6 – Compassion


In this episode of the podcast produced by the Singapore Hospice Council, Mr Muhammad Adri, Senior Staff Nurse, Nursing Administration, NTFGH, shared his experience as a palliative caregiver to patients and advised how to approach conversations surrounding end-of-life topics.


Live Well. Leave Well. (9 February 2024)


年长者腹痛发烧 慎防憩室炎作怪 (Elderly with abdominal pain and fever should be cautious of diverticulitis)


Dr Edwin Yang, Associate Consultant, Colorectal Surgery, NTFGH, explained the symptoms of diverticulitis and its complications. Adj Asst Prof Seow Choon Sheong, Head of Division & Senior Consultant, Colorectal Surgery, NTFGH, shared that while patients with diverticulitis share many risk factors with patients who have colorectal cancer, the disease may not necessarily increase the risk of early onset colorectal cancer.


Lianhe Zaobao, zbLOHAS, Page 2 (30 January 2024)


Ibu tunggal dapat bantuan agar ‘Rumah Sihat’ (Single mother gets help for a ‘Healthy Home’)


Mdm Fifi Winainy Ahmad, one of the beneficiaries of our “Healthy Home” annual community outreach initiative, shared her story in this feature article. The story also mentioned that she received grab bars and furniture donated by staff.

Berita Harian, Page 2 (30 January 2024)


正确拧干抹布 手不受伤 (Reduce hand injury by wringing cloth properly)


Ms Say Kin Sing, Senior Occupational Therapist, NTFGH, shared tips on how to do several household chores, including wringing cloth properly to wipe surfaces, mopping the floor and cleaning the floor. This is a Lunar New Year-themed series in Shin Min Daily News.


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