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Sharing the Festive Cheer as #JHCFam!

Our colleagues from Community Relations and HR Employee Engagement held a Hari Raya cookies donation drive to share the festive cheer with the residents from our adopted rental block at Hong Kah North. The collection was held from 10 to 12 April at Kampong, Level 2, Tower B.


It was heartening to see different job families and colleagues coming together to donate tubs of festive cookies for the residents, and making the effort to select healthier options. Staff who contributed also had to ensure that all the cookies were halal-certified. 


Let's hear from our staff on why it's important that they give back!


"Ramadan is a giving month for all Muslims. I hope my gift can make families happier this Hari Raya. This is the least I can do to give back."

- Mdm Zaiton Abu Bakar (Nurse Clinician I, Nursing)


"I feel it’s important that everyone gets to celebrate different festivities. I hope that my contribution will make a difference to the families."

- Ms Cherie Tan (Associate Executive, Nursing Administration)


"It's good to share our love with others. When I saw this initiative, I was more than happy to contribute."

- Ms Naaziraah (Senior Administrative Assistant, Nursing Administration)

The team received over 250 tubs of Hari Raya cookies and they will be distributed to our residents on the 17 April (Monday) evening. We cannot wait to see the joyous smiles! Thank you to our #JHCFam who have rallied and contributed to our Hari Raya Cookies Donation Drive! 


In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are highly encouraged to give "Sadaqa", which is described as a voluntary charitable act towards others. Giving back to society is also a form of Sadaqa. 

Let us all share the good deed of giving back whenever we can!

Check out some photos below!

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