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JHC Celebrates Lunar New Year

On 7 Feb, our campus radiated with joy and festivity as we came together to celebrate the Lunar Year of the Dragon, spreading blessings and good health among our staff and Senior Leaders. 

The event organised by our HR Employee Engagement Team, kick-started with messages from CEO Dr Quek and CEO-Designate A/Prof Dan. They also showcased their calligraphy skills under the guidance of calligraphy shifu, Mr Poh Siang.


Staff and seniors leaders then proceeded to gather around specially prepared sets of yusheng for a hearty lohei session.


One of the highlights was an interactive booth hosted by our dietitians. The booth, aptly titled "Know Your LNY Calories," aimed to promote health awareness during the festive season. Staff were invited to guess the calories of delectable Lunar New Year treats such as pineapple tarts, almond cookies, and kuih bangkit. Prizes include wholesome nuts and healthier choice drinks, reinforcing our commitment to promote healthy eating habits among our staff.

To further enhance the celebratory atmosphere, complimentary Lunar New Year goodies were distributed to all attendees: Zenko Superfoods: Waterlily Pops & Clusters, mandarin oranges, fortune cookies, and customised NUHS angbao packets. These thoughtful gestures aimed to spread joy and blessings, symbolising prosperity, good fortune, and unity within our JHC community.


The HR Employee Engagement Team organised a second event - a special Lunar New Year Cooking Demo on 19 Feb, and invited staff from various job groups for an immersive culinary experience.

Food coach Yen Ying from Minmed guided the participants through an engaging cooking demonstration, focusing on traditional Lunar New Year dishes. Two recipes were shared with the participants - Chinese Savoury Pancake and Fried Lotus Root.


For those eager to recreate these delectable dishes, the recipes are available here. This hands-on cooking experience not only showcased the culinary delights of Lunar New Year but also promoted cultural appreciation and healthy eating habits among participants.


As we bid farewell to the Lunar New Year celebrations, let us carry forward the spirit of joy, unity, and good health throughout the year ahead. May we prosper in all aspects of our lives!


 Check out more photos below!

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