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Corporate Tour with Foreign Delegates


On Wednesday, 19 April 2023, we hosted a corporate tour for the Association of Chinese Healthcare Management, where 50 foreign delegates from Taiwan visited our JurongHealth Campus.

Our largest group of overseas delegates hosted in-person since the COVID-19 pandemic, this visit provided valuable opportunities for knowledge exchange, as well as cross-cultural learning and the understanding of the different healthcare systems in Singapore and Taiwan.


We would like to thank our staff across the different workgroups and departments for their amazing efforts in making the corporate visit such a memorable one for our foreign delegates!

Special thanks to our teams from General Services, Specialty Operations, Lobby & Visitor Management, Logistics, Facilities Management, Environmental Services, A41 Eye Clinic, Ward B6S and B6P, Ward C4, Intensive Care Medicine (ICU), General Medicine, and Post-Acute and Continuing Care for your support!

Hear what some of our foreign delegates had to say about the visit:

Chang, Huan-Cheng.jpg

Chang Huan-Cheng

  • Chairman, Asia Association of Chinese Healthcare Management 

  • Superintendent, Landseed International Medical Group 

"We would like to thank the JHC staff for their warm hospitality during our visit, and for kindly showing our three groups of delegates around the hospital. It was great to know that there was fairness and equity towards the medical treatment of all patients in the hospital, regardless of the different types of ward classes, whether private or subsidised. It was also interesting to learn that a main care team would oversee patients in both the private and subsidised wards of each floor in the Tower.

We were impressed with the hospital’s innovative healthcare technology, specifically the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). It was fascinating to know that a driverless, programmable vehicle was able to replace the manual labour of transporting hospital supplies such as linens and pharmaceuticals. This effortless distribution of supplies to the various service points in the hospital will definitely help with improving staff efficiency and productivity.

We would also like to specially thank the medical team of doctors and nurses for their efforts in explaining the treatment procedures and processes involved to ensure high-quality patient care in the hospital. It was indeed an eye-opening experience for us all!"

Tsai, Wen-Chen.jpg

Tsai Wen-Chen

  • Executive Director, Asia Association of Chinese Healthcare Management 

  • Distinguished Professor, China Medical University Department of Health Services Administration

“Building both Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital together simultaneously is a forward-looking hospital design and management concept. Because the policy of medical insurance payment often encourages acute patients to be discharged as soon as possible when their condition is stable after being hospitalized, if patients need rehabilitation or subacute treatment, they should be transferred to community hospitals or subacute hospitals as quickly as possible to reduce the cost of acute hospitals and increase treatment efficiency.


Such health insurance payment policy is also implemented in Taiwan, but few hospitals with different medical levels are built together in Taiwan. Therefore, transferring patients to a distant rehabilitation or sub-acute hospital is challenging after the acute patients are stabilised."

Let’s continue to make every moment count when engaging our counterparts, patients and staff members at JHC together!


Check out more photos of the session here! 

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