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In Conversation:

Engaging the Singapore Police Force

On 24 April, we warmly welcomed our friends from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for a dialogue session with our staff. This collaborative forum serves as a platform for the regular sharing of insights regarding crime-related trends within our hospital premises, and represents a vital opportunity for our staff to engage in open discussions with the SPF.


The primary objective of these dialogue sessions is to cultivate collaboration between our staff and the SPF in addressing and mitigating various security concerns. By sharing insights into prevalent crime trends, such as theft and instances of staff abuse, the aim is to raise awareness and encourage proactive measures to prevent such incidents. The dialogue session presented an invaluable opportunity for our staff to seek clarification from the police on security protocols and crime-related matters specific to the healthcare environment.


A significant number of our nursing colleagues highlighted their keen interest in understanding the investigation workflow process initiated by the SPF upon the lodging of a police report, as well as protocols for handling cases involving the abuse of staff by patients or visitors.


Feedback from our staff who attended the dialogue session was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing appreciation for the informative discussions and the clarity provided by the SPF representatives in addressing their queries and concerns.


Thanks to our dedicated colleagues from the Security & Transport, Fire Safety department for their close collaboration with the Singapore Police Force in ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff. Their efforts help create a secure environment where our team of healthcare providers can deliver exceptional services with confidence and peace of mind.


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