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Going The Extra Mile


Our patient Mr Lim Kian Seng shared his positive experience with NTFGH through Lianhe Zaobao, commending the care team for prioritising patient's needs and well-being. 

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Mr Lim is grateful to his care team at NTFGH which comprised doctors and nurses from General Medicine, General Surgery, Radiology, Ward B7P and Clinic A73.


Highlighting Dr Ronnie Tan Voon Shiong (Consultant, Division of Respiratory Medicine) and Ms Siow Nyet Foong (Senior Staff Nurse, Clinic A73 Surgery), let's check out what drove our staff to go the extra mile for patients!

Dr Ronnie.jpeg

Dr Ronnie Tan

SSN Nyet Foong

Ms Siow Nyet Foong

1. What motivates you to go the extra mile in caring for your patients?

Dr Ronnie: I believe patients deserve the best care we can offer to them. 

SSN Nyet Foong: A sincere desire to help others and ensure that patient receives good care that they need.


2. How would you describe the medical/nursing profession in one sentence?

Dr Ronnie: It is hard work, but very fulfilling and rewarding! 

SSN Nyet Foong: Nursing is a tough profession that requires knowledge and skill in order to deliver optimal care to patient.


3. What keeps you going when things get tough for you in your profession? 

Dr Ronnie: The encouragement and support from family and colleagues keep me going when the going gets tough.

SSN Nyet Foong: Colleagues and family support are equally important. Their support keeps me moving forward.  


4. Do you have any advice/motivational tips for your fellow colleagues to overcome constant changes in healthcare?

Dr Ronnie: We can rely on one another for help and support, and we can overcome challenges together.

SSN Nyet Foong: Be positive and stay strong and embrace changes together with colleagues.


5. How would you relate your work to our core values – TRICEP? Which are the dominant values present and why?

Dr Ronnie: The TRICEP values are an integral part of our work. Our care is centred on our patients, treating them with compassion and with their best interests at heart. I firmly believe we should treat each other with utmost respect, work well together to harness the team synergy in delivering excellent patient care. 

SSN Nyet Foong: As a first responder to the patient, patient-centreness is crucial for the delivery of quality care to patient and reduces anxiety for patient.

Their dedication to patient care is an inspiration for everyone to go the extra mile!

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