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Heroes Behind the Heroes:
Celebrating Our Loved Ones

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 6.22.37 AM.png

In appreciation of our staff, their family and work family who have fully supported JHC throughout the pandemic till the current endemic, we launched a photo contest titled ‘Heroes Behind the Heroes: Celebrating Our Loved Ones’.


This photo tribute encouraged staff to take the opportunity to reminisce the precious moments post COVID of their first family or work reunion (Reuniting Stronger) or travel trip with their family or work family (Rediscovering the World).


There were 100 submissions, out of which 7 winners from each category were selected under (1) Reuniting Stronger and (2) Rediscovering the World.


All submissions are now on the “Heroes Behind the Heroes” wall at Tower B, Kampong, so swing by to view them anytime!


Check out more photos of the wall and all the winners below!

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