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High Stakes Interactions with Patients’ & Patients’ Families with EffectiveArts ® Programme


Every moment counts when managing high stakes interaction with our patients and their families.


To empower our frontline staff, we introduced the High Stakes Interactions with Patients’ & Patients’ Families with EffectiveArts ® programme since 2016. The programme included a suite of behavioural and communications tools and role-play sessions for trainers and participants to help them manage difficult conversations effectively.


It was well-received and assessed to be impactful in equipping frontline staff with the critical skillset in communicating and managing difficult conversations with patients and their families. From 2016 - 2019, 635 staff have benefitted from this programme.


The highly anticipated training programme was re-introduced when physical learning and development trainings resumed this year (post-COVID-19). We brought in Dr Jim Boggs, CEO of EffectiveArts ® and his team to conduct the Train-the-Trainer (TTT) programme for a new group of 10 in-house trainers who will be training about 120 staff, from 20 Feb to 20 Mar 2023. This programme is expected to take place every 4-6 months.

Stay tuned and look out for our upcoming learning and development programmes for staff!

Ng Sow Chun.png

“The methodology was practical and simulation sessions engaging. The role-play sessions reenacted by professional actors accurately reflected the situation on the ground and brought out real emotions that our frontline staff had to deal with. This train-the-trainer programme is definitely helpful for staff to deal with similar interactions in their daily work.”

- Ms Ng Sow Chun (Chief Nurse)

What staff have to say:

“The High-Stakes Interaction programme has effectively equipped us with practical tools to handle difficult conversations, and gave us a chance to practice applying them within a very safe and supportive environment. The training was not only technically rigorous, but was an excellent reminder that every encounter with patients and colleagues is a chance to make a difference. Communicating effectively is a real and tangible way we can embody the WeCare Outward Mindset towards ourselves and everyone we meet.”

- Dr Darryl Tan (Senior Resident Physician, Psychiatry <trainer>)

Siti Zainah.png

“Attending this course was a fantastic experience. It was also well organised and presented impeccably. The high-fidelity simulations clearly captured the essence of the course which took me to the next level of understanding. I'm now more aware of people's emotions through their "offers" and learn to be more present during conversations. The techniques apply not only at work but in your personal life too. Highly recommended!”

- NE Siti Zainah (Nurse Educator l <participant>)

“The scenario presented through role-play was very real and I was initially shocked by the real emotions acted out. A good takeaway was a new-found confidence that I was able to remain calm and prepared to front a high stake interaction on my own.”

- NC Vasantha Kristnan (Nurse Clinician l <participant>)

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Credit: Learning & Development, Human Resource

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