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Monthly Service Star Winners -

Staff who inspire, with kindness and compassion

Touching Hearts, Touching Lives

"How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time."

  ~ Morgan Freeman

Aye Aye Khin
Senior Enrolled Nurse I

Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic

Aye Aye Khin_1.jpg

from CEO

Aye Aye_CEO note.png

Thank you,

Aye Aye!

Compliments from Patient:


She has been my primary point of contact for clarifying my enquiries regarding medical treatment. She consistently demonstrated professionalism and was helpful in addressing my concerns and requests, including checking the availability of the surgeon when I I needed to reschedule to accommodate my work.


I genuinely appreciate her assistance, and I sincerely hope there are more staff like her who approach patient care with a personal touch.

Jennifer Yee Kwai Leng 
Patient Service Coordinator

Operations, Jurong Community Hospital


from CEO

Jennifer_CEO note.png

Thank you,


Compliments from Patient:


They always addressed me as “Ah Ma”, which made me very happy to have so many “grandchildren” here. One of the few staff who left a deep impression on me was Jennifer.


She always wore a smile and would come to my bedside, warmly asking,”How are you? Do you need help? Let me know if there is anything you need.”


Her caring nature left a lasting impact. Thank you.

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