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JHC Celebrates Christmas!

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 6.22.37 AM.png

On 20 December, the HR Employee Engagement Team organised yet another festive celebration at the Kampong Area at Tower B, Level 2, inviting staff and service partners to soak in the Christmas spirit. Many gathered for photo-taking, and to enjoy good food and drinks. To add to the festive cheer, our staff were also gifted complimentary DIY wreath boxes to put their creativity to the test. 


A total of 350 DIY wreath boxes, 500 servings of hot chocolate, 660 candy canes, 1,250 cupcakes and 1,500 packets of popcorns were catered for this celebration. Thumbs up to our HR colleagues for always going the extra mile to make working at JHC a more joyous experience. 🤗

We hope 2023 has been good, and may 2024 be our best year yet!

 Check out more photos below!

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