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JHC Celebrates Hari Raya

On 18 April,  we came together to celebrate the joyous occasion of Hari Raya in a truly traditional fashion. The event, aptly titled "JHC Celebrates Hari Raya - Back to Tradition," brought together Senior Leaders and our staff for a memorable and culturally rich experience.

Staff participated in ketupat weaving with our Senior Leaders, symbolising unity and togetherness. Our CEO, A/Prof Dan Yock Young also shared a heartfelt message, emphasising the significance of preserving traditions and fostering a sense of belonging within the JHC community. Adding to the cultural extravaganza was a mesmerising traditional Malay dance performance by Warisan Asli, gracefully moving to the tune of "Suasana Riang Di Hari Raya." 


Staying true to the theme of tradition, our staff also had the opportunity to indulge in traditional games such as Congkak and Batu Seremban (also known as five stones), igniting nostalgic memories among the participants.


Of course, no celebration is complete without treats! Our HR Employee Engagement team ensured that everyone was treated to a delightful array of snacks. Staff savored healthy treats from Zenko Superfoods. Additionally, ice popsicles in two delightful flavors - Bandung and Asam Boi - provided a refreshing respite from the festivities.

Overall, "JHC Celebrates Hari Raya - Back to Tradition" served as a reminder of the importance of honouring cultural heritage, fostering unity, and creating lasting memories within the JHC community.

 Check out more photos below!

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