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JHC Live        

Our first JHC Live for 2024 proved to be another great showcase of our campus’ dedication, innovation, and collective achievements. Here's a glimpse into the noteworthy moments and updates.


Our CEO, Dr Quek Lit Sin, in his opening address highlighted that the Prime Minister thanked all staff for their dedication in providing essential services during the Lunar New Year in his recent visit, during which Nursing and Medical staff showcased our pioneering work with the Inventory Management System in Perioperative Services and the VitalScout Smart Monitoring system. Done in collaboration with NTUC, HSEU and ALPS, these initiatives to improve our efficiency was targeted to free up time for nurses to focus on clinical work and patient care.


View Channel News Asia media coverage on the visit here.

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Group Bonus

Reflecting our commitment to recognising and rewarding collective achievements, the Group Bonus structure is now owned by senior leaders and staff, where 10% of the Group Bonus will be an amalgamation of efforts from all staff, and 90% based on individual performance. The structure is now aligned across the NUHS cluster and pegged to our Balanced Scorecard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

NUHS Core Values and Code of General Conduct

Emphasising the importance of integrity, professionalism, and accountability, Siew Hui from HR reiterated the importance of upholding the NUHS Core Values (TRICEP) and Code of General Conduct in all aspects of our work.

In support of HR’s reiteration of our Code Values and Code of General Conduct, COO Mr Ng Kian Swan recognised the significance of maintaining a safe and secure work environment. Measures to prevent and deter theft were highlighted, underscoring our commitment to ensuring the well-being and security of our staff and assets.

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Progress in Focus, Vision Forward

COO also shared Operation Division updates, providing insight into our campus' continued progress and forward growth, reflecting our dedication to delivering excellence in patient care, operational efficiency, and innovation. He highlighted the achievements in 2023, new eateries within the hospital, and Health Promoting Hospital’s activities to promote mental wellness, physical wellness and programmes to guide staff to eat wisely.


Beyond the Surface: A/Prof Dan

Saving the best for the last, staff were introduced to our CEO-Designate A/Prof Dan Yock Young through a fireside chat with CEO Dr Quek, hosted by CMB Clin A/Prof Gerald Chua. A/Prof Dan shared his interest in basketball and running, and insights to his stint at MOH and MOM. He further expressed his appreciation towards CEO Dr Quek, on the close collaboration and handover sessions, with the notable takeaway on Dr Quek’s vision and actions concerning staff welfare. To round up the session, Dr Quek shared, “To all of you, I assure you that you will be in good hands; Dan, you have a good team.”

Staff were next invited to JHC Live’s signature event, the annual Lo-hei session. Check out the photos below!

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