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Knot Your Average Day:
Crafting magic through Macramé! 

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To promote relaxation and foster bonding among our staff, the Health Promoting Hospital Committee introduced a fun-filled on-campus activity: Macramé Keychain Making!


If you were into the 90s trend of making friendship bands, macramé is the craft used to create those bands! Now, it has made a come back as modern macramé in various forms of lifestyle decor such as plant hangers, coasters, and wall hanging decors!

Pictured above: Plant hanger, coaster and hanging decors done by the instructor

Photo credit: _Flufflyknots_ (internet connection is required)

In this beginner-friendly class, the instructor guided the staff through the looping process of macramé-making. It was heartening to see staff from the different job groups coming together, bonding over a common interest - crafting! Conversations flowed effortlessly, with laughter echoing as some of us got confused over the loops, making the workshop a memorable experience filled with shared moments and newfound connections.


Attending the macramé workshop proved to be a fun experience for all. It was not merely about learning a craft, but immersing oneself in a mindful and communal experience, and using it as a way to unwind and connect with others.


Check out some photos below! 

JHC Health Promoting Hospital Committee

 By creating a healthy workplace and a health setting guided by the Five Pillars of Health - Eat Wisely, Exercise Regularly, Be Happy, Stop Smoking and Practise Personal Hygiene - the JHC Health Promoting Hospital Committee aims to encourage every staff to take charge of their own health and well-being by adopting good lifestyle habits.

HPH is actively planning engaging activities for our staff to enjoy. Keep an eye out for an array of exciting activities proudly brought to you by our HPH team!

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