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MEF Updates - 23 June 2023

Recently, we held the Managers Engagement Forum (MEF) on Friday, 23 June 2023. Leaders from various departments and workgroups shared exciting updates on what was happening at JHC.


Quality Month (QM)

Adjunct Assistant Professor Alvin Ong, Head and Consultant of the Post-Acute and Continuing Care department, shared new updates on Quality Month (QM) 2023.

Staff can look forward to the QM Opening Event on 20 October, where they will have a chance to:

  • Learn from the different improvement works and stories

  • Have fun with the various activities leading up to the Opening Event

  • Take home possibilities to deliver “Right Care Right, First Time, Every Time.”

  • Enjoy the Opening Event Carnival


Staff can also share their QI Projects Submissions from 3 July – 25 August 2023, and for the first time, submit a 30-second video reel about their improvement works to win attractive prizes! By having a platform to showcase the various improvement works at JHC, this highlights how people can contribute to making small changes for quality improvement to deliver high-quality patient care.


Small Steps to Big Changes (SSTBC)

NC Leong Kit Sin from the Nursing Ward department shared that his team created a standardised “Orthopaedic Nursing Procedure Guidebook” in a span of three months, to ease the onboarding process for new doctors and nurses regarding Orthopaedic-related procedures. He explained that he used the DEEP model tool from the Small Steps to Big Changes (SSTBC) programme to develop this mini-initiative.


Valerie Sim, Senior Radiographer from the Radiology department, shared that by using the DEEP model, her team also developed a solution to improve how Chest X-rays were conducted for patients by using an image audit.


Creativity and Innovation

Our COO, Mr Ng Kian Swan, shared information on the topic of “Creativity and Innovation”. He emphasised how NTFGH and JCH aim to to serve patients better through a tight integration between its services.


He explained the concept of “lean innovation”, which was focused on three main methodologies:

  1. The ability to identify new opportunities through the use of design thinking

  2. The ability to quickly, and with fewer resources, develop and improve business solutions

  3. The ability to apply lean processes, which enable teams to reduce waste, make incremental improvements, and eliminate the bureaucracy that often hinders innovation

COO added how using lean and disruptive innovation at the frontline services allows us to build a future-ready workforce that is flexible, and they will be equipped with broad-based learnings and cross-sector skill sets to take on higher valued-added roles in the healthcare system.

JHC is also involved in a strategic partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), in which there will be a lean management training for specific staff from different departments at JHC.


Design Thinking – SIT

Nadya Patel, Assistant Professor from the Business, Communication and Design cluster at SIT, served as a guest speaker at MEF. She explained the concept of “Design Thinking”, and how this skill can be used to improve patient experiences, streamline processes, and develop new medical technologies in the healthcare sector.

She elaborated that design thinking is human-centered, involves critical thinking and empathy, in order to fully understand a problem and develop solutions for it.

By practising design thinking and putting patients at the center of the design process, healthcare professionals can create solutions that are more effective, efficient and satisfying for everyone involved.

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