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New Pneumatic Tube System (PTS)

The new Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) connects various departments including the Emergency Department, wards, Operating Theatres, Intensive Care Unit, Laboratory and Pharmacy. It significantly shortens the delivery time for laboratory specimens and drugs, improving patient care. The new PTS is more reliable, capable, and sophisticated, boasting features like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking, software-controlled traffic management and the ability to send multiple canisters simultaneously to different destinations. Other benefits include reducing the risk of contamination, increasing operational efficiency and decreasing reliance on human couriers.

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The new PTS also includes a “train” that arrives at Paediatric Clinic at regular intervals, greatly impressing our young patients!


Meet the folks behind this successful project! 

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Colleagues from Swiss Log helped with the setting up of the PTS

(From left to right) Jonson Teo, Deputy Director, Group Facilities Management; Loh Jing Ying, Senior Pharmacist, Pharmacy; Ronnie Liu, Senior Manager (Group Facilities Management); Goh Shixu, Senior Pharmacist, Pharmacy


(From left to right) Rena Bay, Senior Manager, Communications; Abdul Karim Bin Abdul Kadar, Technical Officer, Group Facilities Management, Ronnie Liu, Senior Manager, Group Facilities Management; Jonson Teo, Deputy Director, Group Facilities Management; Crystal Lim, Senior Manager, Group Environment Services; Cheryl Neo, Assistant Director, Group Environment Services, Benjamin Zhu, Assistant Manager and Kelvin Hong, Senior Assistant Manager, both from Group Facilities Management and Jassy Lee, Senior Assistant Manager, Communications, as well as Fung Kar Yen, Head, Pharmacy, JCH (not in the photo)

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