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Applauding Heroic Actions:
Teams' Quick Response to Vehicle Fire

Let's extend our heartfelt commendations to the dedicated individuals from Facilities Management and Security & Transport, Fire Safety who displayed extraordinary courage and quick thinking during a live vehicle fire incident on 12 October, at Tower A, Basement 1 Carpark.


Their exemplary actions helped avert a potentially adverse situation. This incident reminded us of the importance of preparedness and the value of having such dedicated professionals on our team.


We are immensely proud of your collective efforts in ensuring the safety and well-being of our community. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and heroism.

TWSH Bravery Awards - Vehicle Fire.png

Presentation of the Total Workplace Safety & Health (TWSH) Bravery Awards


Facilities Management

  • Jonson Teo, Deputy Director

  • Gunasegar Annamalai, Technician, ENGIE

  • (On behalf of) Rajendran Palaniyappan, Technician, ENGIE

Security & Transport, Fire Safety

  • Zulkifli Bin Rahmat, Assistant Director

  • Riduan Bin Amin, Senior Security Officer

Mr Ng Kian Swan, Chief Operating Officer, emphasised the significance of acknowledging exceptional staff who go above and beyond in upholding workplace safety, especially within the Total Workplace Safety & Health framework. This initiative aims to foster a culture of safety and inspire excellence among our dedicated workforce. 

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