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NUHS Caregivers' Day:
A Celebration of Unsung Heroes

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In recognition of the caregivers who are often not sufficiently appreciated for their contributions, a significant event took place within the NUHS community on 24 Feb, marking the inaugural NUHS Caregivers' Day. Hosted by the Patient Advocacy and Support Office (PASO), this day served as a heartfelt acknowledgment and appreciation for the often-unsung heroes in our society – the caregivers.
Led by Ms Cheung Siew Li, Group Chief Patient Officer, the event aimed to recognise the invaluable contributions of caregivers but also to raise awareness of their vital role amongst healthcare workers and the general public.

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Ms Cheung highlighted the pivotal role of caregiving through four fundamental principles, encapsulated in the "4 C's":

  1. Care Partnership: Caregivers are essential as indispensable allies to healthcare teams, possessing strong knowledge of their loved ones' needs that can complement clinical expertise.

  2. Connection to Community: Stressing the importance of emotional and professional support, Ms Cheung advocated for caregivers to establish connections within their communities, availing themselves of counseling, support groups, and practical assistance.

  3. Competence: Equipping oneself with essential caregiving skills and insights is important to navigate the often complex journey of caring for a loved one.

  4. Compassion to Self: Amidst the selfless act of caregiving, Ms Cheung reminded caregivers of the importance of attending to their own needs and well-being. Self-care isn't selfish; it's a prerequisite for sustainable caregiving.

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The event held in NTFGH featured varied activities aimed at honouring and supporting caregivers:

  • NUHS Caregiver Awards Ceremony: A touching moment where eight exceptional caregivers were recognised and celebrated, highlighting their unwavering dedication and compassion. Among the recipients was Mdm Gan Ai Ngoh, a caregiver to one of our NTFGH patients. She is a neighbour who has been caring for a patient for 7 years (and counting). She persisted out of her strong sense of compassion and responsibility, with daily visits to the patient, and accompanying him for every medical appointment to help communicate with his healthcare team. Her motivating factor, "When I see the patient living happier, I am happy too!".

  • Community Partner Booths: Nine community partners, including the Agency for Integrated Care, Caregivers Alliance Limited, and TOUCH Community Services, set up booths to share about their services and programmes tailored to support caregivers. From counselling to practical assistance, caregivers were offered a wealth of resources to aid them in their journey.

  • Advanced Care Planning Talk: A vital discussion on planning care for oneself and loved ones, emphasising the importance of proactive decision-making in ensuring quality care delivery.

  • Caregivers’ Forum: A panel of 4 Caregivers engaged in a conversation that tapped on their lived experiences to share ways to how they maintained and enhanced their well-being during their caregiving journey.


The inaugural NUHS Caregivers' Day was a testament to the collective appreciation and support for caregivers within our society. As we continue to navigate the complexities of healthcare, let us not forget the profound impact caregivers have in shaping the well-being of those they care for. Their tireless efforts and unwavering compassion truly make them unsung heroes deserving of recognition and gratitude.

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