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Patient Experience Survey 2022 Results Are Out! 


The Patient Experience Survey (PES) 2022 conducted by the Ministry of Health and Public Healthcare Institutions in Singapore gathered feedback from 5,647 patients who visited National University Health System facilities between January and December 2022. The survey focused on assessing patients' experiences in various settings, including Inpatient, Emergency Department (ED), Specialist Outpatient (SO), and Polyclinic.

The key objectives of the survey include:

  1. Evaluate the level of patients' experience in National University Health System facilities.

  2. Compare patient experience ratings across the years 2019, 2021, and 2022 for a comprehensive year-on-year analysis.

  3. Identify gaps in the healthcare system that need attention and improvement.

  4. Propose strategies and measures to enhance the overall quality of healthcare services across the institutions.

Among the pool of patients who were surveyed nearly 1,200 patients were from Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. 

The NUHS Composite Overall Score and scores for different settings have all scored above the 85% benchmark. However, there has been a consistent decline observed, more notable for Inpatient and Polyclinic setting.

NTFGH achieved a overall score of 87.4% in PES 2022. Composite overall score is on par with the score for 2021 (88.2%) but lower than the 2022 Cluster Score (89.3%) and National Benchmark Score (89.1%)

A consistent decline is observed for NTFGH and NUH since 2019 while AH and NUCOH showed consistent performance. Improvement is observed for NCIS and NUHCS in 2022 after a decline in 2021.

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