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Quality Month 2022


‘Improvement Meets Joy in Work’ was the theme for Quality Month 2022. It depicts our collective desire to create a positive work environment through our commitment to improving and delivering high-quality care. 

Lead-up to Quality Month Opening Event

Enthusiastic participation from our staff in the series of pre-event activities.


For the first time in two years, staff gathered online and in-person at the Auditorium for the Quality Month Opening Event on 21 October. 


“As we continually strive to be better versions of ourselves, we are learning that every moment counts when we want to deliver the right care for every patient, visitor and staff. We need to care for everyone we serve and equally important, those we work with side-by-side.”

- Dr Quek Lit Sin (Chief Executive Officer)

This year’s call for the Best QI Project Submission received 44 submissions. The Staff Voting Category winners and winning QI Projects were announced and the teams were congratulated at the event.

A keynote speaker, Ms Jasmine Liew, an Organisation Development Consultant on Psychological Safety, also shared her insights on building psychological safety in teams to increase joy in work. 

Quality Month does not start and end with the opening event. A series of events were planned for October and November. Check out the EDMs for details and join us as we celebrate our ongoing quality journey, in the pursuit of high-quality care for our patients!

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