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Radiography Day 2023

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In conjunction with International Day of Radiology and World Radiography Day 2023, the NTFGH Radiology team set up a booth on 17 November to raise awareness of our radiology team. Information on the various modalities such as Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-ray, ultrasound, breast imaging, nuclear medicine and angiography were shared, to give both our staff and members of the public a better understanding of the profession.    

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Informative posters and frequently used items, such as anatomical lead markers, lead gowns and X-ray cassettes were displayed at the booth. To further engage the crowd, the team also organised a quiz to test the participants' knowledge of radiography, with each participant having the opportunity to walk away with a prize. 


It was an engaging session to commemorate Radiography Day 2023, and we would like to express our appreciation to our Radiology Team for their dedication to delivering quality care to our patients.

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