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A life was saved!

What would you do when you spot a medical emergency?


Every second matters as the chance of survival drops with every passing minute. Medical emergencies arising from illnesses and injuries can result in death or serious complications if it is not treated immediately.


Thanks to the quick observation of our nursing colleagues, (from left to right) Ms Mag Tan Wooi Lin, Senior Nurse Manager, Ward C12, Ms Toh Lay Cheng, Senior Nurse Clinician, Nursing Clinical Services, and Ms Rosnah Roselee, Assistant Nurse Clinician, Ward C10, a life was saved!


The Choking Incident

17 February 2023

SNC Lay Cheng, SNM Mag Tan and ANC Rosnah were at the public premises on campus when they noticed a female patient who was displaying signs of choking, and subsequently lost her consciousness. The nurses reacted swiftly and performed first aid to relieve the patient, and a piece of bread was dislodged and expelled from the patient's mouth. She regained consciousness and returned to the ward for further monitoring.  


Thank you nurses for your quick response in rendering medial assistance, anytime, anywhere!


As a a recognition of their public-spiritedness, SNC Lay Cheng, SNM Mag and ANC Rosnah received the Patient Safety Star Awards at the recent Nursing Quality Forum, held on 18 April 2023.

Medical Emergency

If you are trained and able to render proper first aid on-site before medical help arrives, you can help save a life.


Every moment counts when helping someone who is in need of first aid.

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