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Small Steps to Big Changes (SSTBC) Programme


Spearheaded by JHC’s Patient Experience and Culture Steering Committee, “Small Steps to Big Changes” (SSTBC) is a pilot programme that focuses on advocating staff to take small steps towards accomplishing big changes in the workplace.   


This SSTBC programme aims to inspire staff to create change, think differently and innovatively, and engage in creative problem-solving skills to overcome challenges at work.


Thought leader and author of the “Small Steps to Big Changes” book, Mr. Kenneth Kwan, shared tips and strategies with our senior leaders, team leads/Reporting Officers (ROs) on how to build a more inclusive, positive and safe speak-up culture at JHC in a training session back in September 2022.


Thereafter, 18 team leads/ROs from various workgroups shared the post-training mini-initiatives and strategies that they implemented in a recent coffee chat session with CEO on Tuesday, 11 April 2023.

The leaders shared the learnings and outcomes of their initiatives, and agreed that the “Deep Model” and “Painting a Preferred Future” were useful tools to promote positive relationships among teams.

Here are some examples of the successful mini-initiatives shared:​

Deep Model Tool _edited_edited.jpg
IMG_3089 5.jpeg

The Radiology department improved the image quality of their general X-ray imaging and reduced errors of X-ray images by 25%.​

IMG_3045 5.jpeg

An Orthopaedic four-page procedure guidebook was created to help newly onboarded nurses and doctors to improve their workflow efficiency.

IMG_2912 5.jpeg
IMG_3017 5.jpeg

The JCH Nursing, Finance & Accounting (FP&A), and Specialty Operations departments organised regular team huddles to provide a safe space for staff members to voice out their perspectives, which helped with building trust within the team.

PSA 1.png
PSA 3_edited.jpg

Administrative support staff created an appreciation message board that included compliments and notes of encouragement to colleagues, which helped with building a positive work environment and boosting team morale.

IMG_2954 4.jpeg

The Security department introduced a security self-registration kiosk to automate the pass issuance and registration process for external vendors in lieu of security manpower.

Apart from providing an efficient framework for our staff to accomplish tasks effectively, these mini-initiatives also serve as opportunities for staff to share their opinions, ideas, and feedback in a safe and inclusive space where their voices will be heard and taken into account.

As a whole, these mini-initiatives represent the small steps that we’ve taken to create big, impactful changes at JHC in the long-term. Each initiative is unique and was conceptualised by leaders from various workgroups to improve the workflow processes, as well as cultivate happy and high-performing teams in their respective departments at JHC.

Kudos to our SSTBC graduates for all their efforts in developing these initiatives and executing them over the past few months!  


Remember that every small step you take has an impact on creating the change that you want to see in the future. And every moment counts when you start taking small steps to create that big change.


We look forward to seeing more exciting initiatives down the road!


Check out more photos of the session here! 

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