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Staff Well-being & Team Building is Key to a Happy Workplace

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Let's dive into the heart of what makes our workdays and workplace enjoyable—it’s all about staff well-being and team camaraderie. These aren’t just buzzwords; they’re the secret sauce to a workplace where happiness is genuine and productivity soars.

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Every eligible staff in JurongHealth Campus has $30 to enjoy activities that promote self-care, as part of the Staff Welfare Fund. This fund is aimed at improving the well-being of employees through recreational activities, events, and initiatives that promote employee engagement, boost morale, and create a positive work environment. It’s all about keeping spirits high and maintaining work-life balance. 

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Now, onto team vibes. Team Building Fund (TBF), introduced in 2023, allocates $100 to each eligible staff member to boost team connections. The aim? It’s like a green light for fun! It provides departments with an avenue to organise meaningful team-building sessions to nurture connections, build trust, comradeship and empathy, as well as improve team communication and relationships. Whether it’s a cooking class, an escape room challenge, or helping out in the community, the TBF is all about those moments where teams bond over non-work related engagements.

Work’s busy, we get it. But here’s the scoop: when teams laugh together, brainstorm together, and tackle challenges together, that’s when the real magic happens. It’s not just about getting stuff done; it’s about doing it with a grin and some good vibes.

Check out the cool team moments from different teams and departments! Nothing less than a ton of smiles — that’s what makes our workplace awesome.

Share your team-building photos here as well so as to inspire others on how your department utilised your SWF & TBF!


To wrap it up, let’s keep the good times rolling! Use those funds, spark some team creativity, and let’s make every workday a blend of getting things done and having a blast. Here’s to our well-being, our laughter, and a workplace that we feel like a second home (with lots of coffee)!

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