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Step Up Your Health!
In celebration of Physiotherapy Day

Did you know?

Climbing the stairs can save more time than waiting for the elevator.

The celebration took a unique twist this year as our physiotherapists teamed up with the Health Promoting Hospital Committee to lead a healthier lifestyle among our staff! 


Our team of dedicated physiotherapists developed a range of engaging activities at the campus' staircase. These activities serve a dual purpose: not only do they promote understanding of the benefits of physiotherapy, but they also contribute to the well-being of our staff, enhancing their mobility and overall health. Most importantly, the primary goal of these activities is to minimise elevator wait times for our patients!

On 6 September, an exciting vertical challenge was launched at the staircase located at Level 2, Tower B. Participants, grouped in twos to fours, engaged in a thrilling baton-passing relay race as they ascended the staircase, pushing their limits all the way to Level 16. It was great to see our colleagues across the different job families participating in this challenge!


On 8 September, staff also took part in a stair-climbing adventure from Level 2 to Level 4 at Tower B, where they took part in exciting games designed to enhance their balance, mobility, and motor skills. A delicious spread of lunch buffet awaits the staff who participated in the health-benefiting adventure!


There was also a prize presentation led by Adj A/Prof Chee Thong Gan (Assistant Group Director, Allied Health, NUHS Senior Director, Allied Health and Community Operations) for the vertical challenge!

We look forward to more engaging activities in the future!

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