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Thank you, ANC Kamala for your heroic action! 

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On 10 December 2023, Assistant Nurse Clinician (ANC) Kamala Velu from the Emergency Department, NTFGH, was at the Clementi Centre hawker centre  with her mother to get pisang goreng (banana fritters) for their afternoon snack. While walking, she witnessed a distressing situation unfold before her eyes – an elderly man seated at a round table with his body leaning forward and head hung downwards. His wife was anxiously looking around in distress.


Witnessing the gravity of the situation, ANC Kamala swiftly intervened, providing prompt and critical medical assistance. Upon reaching the elderly man, an 83-year-old named Mr Low, she couldn’t feel his pulse. His wife informed her of his medical history and that he complained of abdominal pain after having his meal. This led ANC Kamala to suspect Mr Low of choking or having a cardiac arrest. She quickly removed his belt for relief and performed abdominal trust. He was already turning pale and breaking out in cold sweats.


Mr Low’s wife, visibly shaken, was comforted by ANC Kamala who took charge of the situation and assisted him with the support he urgently needed. While providing continuous assistance and care, ANC Kamala enlisted the help of a bystander to assist her in calling the ambulance. 


Mr Low was taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital’s A&E and was discharged on the same night. ANC Kamala demonstrated exceptional care by extending her efforts beyond the hospital walls. The next day, she took the initiative to reach out to Mrs Low, ensuring a continued check on Mr Low's well-being. ANC Kamala provided valuable advice to Mrs Low on practical measures to enhance Mr Low's daily life, such as recommending the installation of handlebars in their bathroom and kitchen.


ANC Kamala's strong observation skills came into play as she identified a potential risk in Mr Low's meal. Noticing large chunks of regurgitated vegetables in his vomit, she advised Mrs Low on the importance of ensuring Mr Low's food is cut into smaller pieces to reduce the risk of choking. ANC Kamala’s thoughtfulness towards Mr Low showcases her commitment and excellence in pursuing the highest standards in all that she does. 


We’re very proud of ANC Kamala for her quick-thinking actions, which played a big role in saving someone’s life!

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ANC Komala received a bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation from the family of Mr Low 
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