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Monthly Service Star Winners -

Staff who inspire, with kindness and compassion

Touching Hearts, Touching Lives

A stranger’s compassion can make a world of difference

~ Oprah Winfrey

Janice Lim JIa Wei 2.jpg
Janice Lim JIa Wei 2.jpg

Janice Lim Jia Wei, 
Staff Nurse, 
Subsidised Ward B14

Janice was helpful and updated me on my mum's conditions. She attended to my mum with extra care and followed up with the doctor immediately on her irregular vital signs.


I am also very touched by her kindness when she offered some ice to bring down my mum's temperature when she had a fever.


She also offered me a cup of water after she noticed that I was attending to my mum - this kind gesture was unexpected.


Thank you for your kindness, care and consideration. Thumbs up.

Jake Tan Ruhong,
Therapy Associate
Jurong Community Hospital

I would like to thank Jake for his gentle care towards both my father and mother.


He is a very gentle and patient therapist who is very reassuring to his patients.


He is also very caring and friendly when informing his patients that he is going to carry out a procedure to reassure and ease their anxiety.


Thank you for such a pleasant experience.

Jake Tan Ruhong.jpg
Dr Ronnie Tan Voon Shiong.JPG

Dr Ronnie Tan Voon Shiong, Consultant, 
Respiratory Medicine,


Dr Tan was able to explain and answer all my questions in a clear manner, which made it easy for a layman like me to understand. 

I was delighted when Dr Tan offered to inform my husband the results of my condition and the follow-up actions to be taken. Truly appreciate this gesture.


A confident, composed and patient doctor who in turn instils calmness and comfort in his patient. Well done.

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