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Monthly Service Star Winners -

Staff who inspire, with kindness and compassion

Touching Hearts, Touching Lives

“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.” 

~ Jackie Chan

Dr Elaine_.jpeg
Moe Thidar.jpeg

SEN Moe Thidar,
Senior Enrolled Nurse,
Ward C5

I was developing deep dark marks on my thigh that deeply traumatised me. Moe was sympathetic towards my concern and assured me that it would heal. She got me medication and true enough, the mark cleared up.


Thank you for the concern and allaying my fear. She is a caring and sympathetic nurse. Very assuring to have her as my caregiver during my down and out days. She always serve with a smile and definitely an excellent nurse.

Dr Melanie Tan.jpeg

EN Barbara Anak Leken,
Enrolled Nurse,
Rehab & Gen Med Ward C

She treated my father like a grandfatherly figure and was very caring in addition to displaying a pleasant personality. I was impressed with the way she communicated with my father and the bond that she bridged.


To be frank, I felt blessed that she was caring for my father and made him feel at home. I believe that my father will miss her tremendously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Barbara Anak.jpeg
Harris Foo.jpeg

Harris Foo Soo Hin,
Senior Assistant Manager,
Group Hospitality Services

I was pleasantly surprised and privileged when Harris paid me a visit. Despite sharing my repeated feedback about the food served  and my concern about the low sodium condition, he listened intently and understood my needs.


After his visit, my food was more palatable. He listened and acted within his means, in response to the patient's needs, which greatly helped in my recovery and discharge from the hospital.

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