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What does 'Kindness' mean to you?


Last Friday (19 May 2023), we brought Kindness Day SG to our campus! Kindness Day SG aims to encourage everyone in Singapore to celebrate and highlight acts of kindness and graciousness. Find out more about the fun-filled walkabout with Chief Nurse, Ms Ng Sow Chun on our Facebook and Instagram pages!


We also took the opportunity to speak to our Friends of JurongHealth Campus (FOJHC) Volunteers, as well as Staff Volunteers. They shared their thoughts on Kindness Day SG, their motivations to volunteer their time, and three emoji icons that best represent 'Kindness' to them!

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-26 at 09.10.05.jpeg

Ms. Looi May Ling,
Patient Navigator at Clinic A41
JHC Volunteer since 2019

"Kindness to me is spreading positivity without expectations and ultimately bringing joy to others.

I believe that it is meaningful to give back and care for others in the community. If I can make a small difference to someone’s day, it's a joy to me, and I would gladly do it again. I do hope others see the beauty of volunteering, and feel encouraged to do so. Dedicating my time towards meaningful adventures is what strongly motivates me to volunteer!"


"Take the first step to reach out! Say hello!"


"Offer a smile if you can’t offer anything else."


"There is always a rainbow after every storm!"

"Being kind means being there for someone in need, and to lend someone a listening ear. The person may be going through joyous or sad moments and simply needs someone who can provide physical comfort, emotional and/or mental support.

Elizabeth Andrew once said: "Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart." I find this quote endearing because I've always wanted to be there for someone who is in need. I believe in making a small impact to support someone who needs it."

"It's okay even if you can't remember me, as I'm still glad that my actions had a small impact on your life. :)"

"Actions speak louder than words!"


"Smile and be someone's listening ear."


Mr Yin Jia Jun
Pharmacy Volunteer + Student Nurse at B9
JHC Volunteer since 2022

"Kindness is about sharing, respecting each other (regardless of one's age and social standing), as well as listening and understanding a person's concern. 

Volunteering helps me to de-stress from work, and I feel satisfied knowing that I'm giving back to the community. We get to understand and educate our patients and residents within our communities, and that's what makes volunteering so rewarding."

"There's always hope and happiness at the end of a rainbow."

"Hugs are important as they provide a sense of comfort and consolation to others."

"There’s always an angel among us."

ANC Nurleela Ibrahim
Geriatric Clinic
Regular Staff Volunteer of JHC Community Outreach Programmes

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-25 at 21.55.45.jpeg

Mdm. Karen Ong
Patient Navigator
 in Clinic A32 
JHC Volunteer since 2015

"Kindness is an action or behaviour that involves showing care and concern to someone in need in a wholehearted manner, and without expecting any reward in return. 

NTFGH gave me an opportunity to interact with patients so that I can understand them better. Seeing the smiles on their faces during our interactions brings me great joy, as I know that I made a small difference in their lives. This experience has made my volunteering journey more enriching, rewarding and meaningful."


"A caring heart, and a warm personality are important traits required to spread kindness."


"Have a pleasant and friendly facial expression when performing acts of kindness."

person-with-folded-hands_1f64f (1).png

"Remember to give your blessings and good wishes when engaging in acts of kindness. Spread the love!"

"Kindness means being considerate and generous. 

I believe that being kind to others helps make the world a happier and better place. Making a difference in the lives of others is what drives me to volunteer and contribute to our community, so that we can create a positive change in people's lives."

chocolate emoji.jpg

"Kindness is just as sweet as chocolate."

star emoji.png

"This star gives me a sense of personal achievement, as it represents the different communities that I've served."


"Bring out the hidden teddy bear in you, and serve our community with kindness!"

Mr. Hasnul Hakim Bin Senin
Patient Service Coordinator, Radiology
Staff Volunteer 

What does 'Kindness' mean to you?
We hope our compassionate volunteers have inspired and encouraged you to sow a little seed of doing good together, starting today!

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