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JurongHealth Campus OneNUHS Employee Engagement Survey 2022

The OneNUHS Employee Engagement Survey (EES) is an important tool used to gauge the sentiments and feedback of staff members within National University Health System (NUHS) in order to improve the workplace environment and overall engagement. Here's a recap of the outcomes from EES 2022 and some of the corresponding initiatives that were rolled out in response to the feedback received.

OneNUHS EES Survey 2022 Results (1).png

Key Insights from EES 2022

  • Collective Effort
    The success of the survey reflected a collective effort in co-creating a better workplace.

  • Increased Participation
    More staff actively shared their feedback and insights during the OneNUHS Employee Engagement Survey, conducted between June 1 and July 8, 2022.

  • Positive Improvements
    Positive improvements and upward trends were observed across all indices and categories.

  • Significant Leap in Sustainable Engagement Index (SI) 
    The Sustainable Engagement Index, a holistic measure of staff engagement, saw a significant leap of 6 percentage points. This indicated a progressive and positive environment for staff, contributing to the creation of a safe and open working environment.

  • Transformative Engagement Leaders
    In terms of transformative engagement, the top three departments were Medical, Nursing, and Administration. Transformative engagement was assessed based on Leadership, Culture, and Well-being. (Refer to the chart reflecting the EES 2022 results on Sustainable Engagement Index)

  • Creating a Positive Impact
    Efforts to create a positive impact include celebrating the organisation's identity, building a desired culture, promoting a healthy workplace, and fostering supportive staff networks. 

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Key Focal Areas and Strategic Efforts


Initiatives & Programmes Stemming from the EES 2022 Results 

Checked out what's happening on campus

Hear from our colleagues 

OneNUHS EES Survey 2022 Results (2)_edit
The ESS and Pulse survey act as a sounding board or barometer as a loopback to us as leaders on the organisational climate as well as on the respective units which we manage.  It has helped me as a leader, and for our team to close the gap or strengthen areas so that there is joy whilst we work.

Ms Chan Mei Mei
Head, Nursing (JCH) & Deputy Director, Nursing
The integrity of how NUHS EES and Pulse Survey is being administrated is of paramount importance to the employees. It has given me the confidence and courage to speak up constructively on areas where JHC is succeeding and where more support is needed, without being identified.
Ms Phyllis Ng
Senior Manager, Service Quality

OneNUHS Pulse & Well-Being Survey 2023
We would like to hear from you again, participate now!

Pulse Survey

1. Login with your Employee ID (e.g. 502xxxxx) as Password and click on 'Begin Survey'. 

2. Confirm your Name and Institution (as of 30 June 2023) and click ">>" to proceed.

3. Upon completion of the survey, click "Finish Survey".

4. Once your response has been successfully captured, you will be redirected to the survey completion page indicating "Your Responses have been recorded".

Well-being Survey

1. Kindly indicate your Institution, Department, Job Family, Age Group and Tenure from the drop-down list on this, and indicate your options for the 7 questions before clicking "Submit Now"

2. Upon completion of the, you should see the acknowledgement page "Thank you for filling out the form."

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