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Farm Hopping Adventure

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We kicked off March by inviting our staff and their loved ones on a learning journey together, to explore local farms and spending quality time on 9 March 2024!

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Our Saturday morning adventure kicked off with a visit to Hay Dairies, the only goat farm in Singapore. Upon arrival, we observed the milking process firsthand, accompanied by an explanation of the farm's history.

We met their resident goats, and gained an understanding of the milking process as well as the benefits of goat milk.

We then explored the farm's surroundings, walking along the viewing trail and enjoying the opportunity to pet and feed the friendly goats with a pack of Alfalfa hay.

Before we head off to our next farm, Hay Dairies gifted each of us either a locally handcrafted lavender goat milk soap or a wooden handicraft souvenir.

Hay Dairies

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Next on our itinerary was Kin Yan Agrotech, the largest mushroom and wheatgrass farm in Singapore. 

We strolled through the farm, admiring their wheatgrass, pea sprouts, mushrooms and aloe vera.

During our visit, we tasted freshly harvested mushrooms and vegetables, specially prepared for us, and they were absolutely delicious! As a thoughtful gesture, each of us received a DIY mushroom growing kit and a refreshing farm-made aloe vera drink to enjoy towards the end of the tour.

Kin Yan Agrotech

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Our final stop was the Bollywood Farm, where we took a guided tour filled with fun facts about various plants. We engaged our senses by touching and smelling a diverse array of freshly grown vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and medicinal plants. 


Additionally, we received enlightening education on organic farming principles and techniques, gaining valuable insights into sustainable agricultural practices.


We ended the tour with a sweet banana bread baked specially at the farm, with a cup of freshly brewed lemongrass drink.

Bollywood Farm

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It was truly heartwarming to see our staff spending quality time with their family members and engaging in meaningful conversations with their colleagues during this farm-hopping activity. 

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HPH is actively planning engaging activities for our staff to enjoy. Keep an eye out for an array of exciting activities proudly brought to you by our HPH team!

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