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Issue 27

3 May 2024


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Our Stories.

We Won “The Straits Times Singapore’s Best Employers 2024”!

Celebrating this achievement as NTFGH joins the ranking for the first time! 



Our Inaugural Healthcare Sustainability Symposium

Get the scoop on healthcare innovations at our first public healthcare sustainability symposium!


Staff Well-being & Team Building is Key to a Happy Workplace

Nurturing yourself & bonding with your team bring smiles and joy at workplace. Dive in for a dose of inspiration!


In Conversation: Engaging Singapore Police Force

An initiative towards closer collaboration to reduce the occurrence of theft and staff abuse within our hospitals.


G.R.O.S.S Initiatives:
Food Service Catering Requests Made Productive

An estimated 200 enquiries were reduced per month and booking confirmation time streamlined from 6 days to 3 days!

Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 12.45.52 AM.png

JHC's First Heritage Marathon!


Our leaders, staff, and their families participated in our inaugural marathon to celebrate our 15th anniversary!


JHC Celebrates Hari Raya

Keeping the kampung spirit together as one campus!


New 3rd Party Counselling Service Partner for Our Staff

Thoughtfull World will provide NUHS staff members with 3rd party counselling service from 1 April 2024. 


Fortifying Safety through Campus-wide Workplace Security

Are you aware of our hospital's strategies in enforcing campus safety? Discover how we have been mitigating security risks.



Touching hearts touching lives.png

Touching Hearts, 
              Touching Lives.

Staff who inspire, with kindness and compassion

In the News.

image004 (2).png
Live Well.jpg

Five bottles of beer a day at age 10


NTFGH's Senior Medical Social Workers Ms Sarah Nanayakara and Mr Chew Tee Kit shared the challenges of engaging patients who are enrolled in the Alcohol-Related Frequent Attenders (ARFA) programme. Through case studies, the articles also illustrated how the programme has improved patients’ overall health and reduced their usage of the emergency department.

The Straits times, Life, Pages C1, C2 (17 April 2024)

Lianhe Zaobao, Page 8 (2 April 2024)

Live Well. Leave Well.

Episode  8 – Courage


Dr Lim Lee Yen, Consultant, Supportive Care & Palliative Medicine, NTFGH, spoke about demonstrating courage in her daily work as a physician in the palliative care team. Dr Lim shared that having the courage to honour the patient’s wish to pass on at home is often the driving force for the patient’s family despite their fears and worries.


Live Well. Leave Well. Podcast, Singapore Hospice Council 

   (12 April 2024)


Orang muda, kaum Adam perlu waspada barah usus besar (Young people, men need to be aware of colon cancer)


Clinical Assistant Professor Christopher Keh, Senior Consultant, Colorectal Surgery, NTFGH, discussed the treatment options available  for colorectal cancer while Dr Muhammed Isa Bin Jusoff Albar, Resident Physician, General Surgery, NTFGH mentioned some of the advancements made in colorectal cancer research and treatment in recent years.


Berita Harian, Page 12 (15 April 2024)


大肠内窥镜 (Colonoscopy)

Dr Edwin Yang, Associate Consultant, Colorectal Surgery, NTFGH, elaborated on what patients need to take note of for their bowel preparation prior to a colonoscopy, and emphasised the importance of screening.


Capital 95.8FM (10 April 2024)


糖尿病足 有多可怕? (How scary is diabetic foot?)


Ms Chen Xi, Senior Podiatrist, NTFGH, gave advice on foot care tips and lifestyle adjustments to prevent recurrence of diabetic foot, including wearing diabetic shoes, maintaining foot hygiene, and adhering to medical advice to effectively manage their diabetic conditions.


• Shin Min Daily News, Page 14 (9 April 2024)

image012 (1).png

少油、少盐、少糖 在家做饭更健康(Less oil, less salt, less sugar: It's healthier cooking at home)

Ms Grace Michael, Principal Dietitian, highlighted that individuals can make more informed choices when selecting ingredients, such as by choosing lean meats and fresh vegetables as healthier options when cooking at home.


Shin Min Daily News, Page 14 (9 April 2024)

image013 (1).png

噪音可诱发听力损失 年轻人勿充耳不闻 (Loud noises can induce hearing loss, young people should not turn a deaf ear)


Dr Gary Lee, Head, Audiology, NTFGH, recommended the implementation of more education programmes and campaigns to raise awareness about NIHL and encouraged the use of High-Fidelity Earplugs to reduce the risk of NIHL among young people.


Lianhe Zaobao, Fukan, Page 1 (9 April 2024)

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