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Blossoming Connections
through Floral Creativity

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With colleagues from session 2 of the workshop

In today's fast-paced work environment, prioritising relaxation and managing our mental health is essential. What better way to alleviate stress than participating in a creative workshop with your colleagues?


On 28 March 2024, the Health Promoting Hospital (HPH) committee invited an instructor to hold an enriching workshop session at the Learning Centre for 60 staff. Each participant has the opportunity to decorate two mini glass jars with beautiful pressed flowers.


This hands-on workshop offered more than just a chance to get crafty; it was an opportunity to foster meaningful conversations, cultivate camaraderie, and of course, take a well-deserved break from work for some moments of relaxation!


As we observed everyone putting on their creative hat and adorning the mini jars using pressed flowers, it was evident that the process was both meditative and enjoyable.


Attending this workshop wasn't solely about indulging in crafty fun; it provided staff with a valuable opportunity to destress and unwind. 


Check out some photos below! 

JHC Health Promoting Hospital Committee

 By creating a healthy workplace and a health setting guided by the Five Pillars of Health - Eat Wisely, Exercise Regularly, Be Happy, Stop Smoking and Practise Personal Hygiene - the JHC Health Promoting Hospital Committee aims to encourage every staff to take charge of their own health and well-being by adopting good lifestyle habits.

HPH is actively planning engaging activities for our staff to enjoy. Keep an eye out for an array of exciting activities proudly brought to you by our HPH team!

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