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Health On Track (HOT) 2024

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The fifth edition of our health outreach initiative Health On Track (HOT) took place last Saturday on 23 April 2024, right here at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH). About 400 participants joined us in the morning, where they learnt more about ageing gracefully from our healthcare professionals. Many members of the public took part in our fun-filled activities and tested their skills with our exciting stage games. 



Our energetic emcee kicked off the morning with great enthusiasm, energising the residents who arrived as early as 8:30am to join our event! The event was graced by our CEO Dr Quek Lit Sin, who delivered a heartfelt welcome message to our residents.


During our launch segment, several of our senior leaders, staff, and residents hopped onto stationary bicycles and pedaled hard to illuminate the backdrop, with their energy and excitement!


Special shoutout to CEO Dr Quek Lit Sin, Clinical A/Prof Gerald Chua (Chairman, Medical Board), Adj A/Prof Chee Thong Gan (Assistant Group Director, Allied Health, NUHS), Ms Ng Sow Chun (Chief Nurse), Dr Yap Sae Cheong (Senior Resident Physician, Department of Post-Acute & Continuing Care, Jurong Community Hospital), Dr Gary Lee Jek Chong (​Head, Audiology) and Ms Toh Lay Cheng (Senior Nurse Clinician, Nursing Administration)!



With four exciting stage games, residents had the opportunity to compete for fantastic prizes!

Cart Curl Conquest

In this test of strength, participants were challenged to carry a shopping basket with groceries. With each passing minute, additional items were included, showcasing the participants' true strength!


The Bottle Challenge

Led by our NTFGH physiotherapist, the Bottle Challenge required the participants to balance on one leg and place a bottle in 3 different directions, as far as they could stretch out.


Muscle Chef, Singapore

To assess the endurance of our participants, we tasked them with holding a pan filled with four apples using one arm, and challenging them to maintain this position for as long as they could.


Limbo Bamboo

We showcased the participants' flexibility in a game of limbo, featuring a bamboo pole with clothes as weights, simulating a real-life scenario where one must navigate and pivot their body correctly while hanging clothes.




Move for a Healthier You!

Residents actively engaged in exercise routines and comprehensive assessments, focusing on enhancing both strength and balance under the guidance of our physiotherapists. This aimed to encourage residents to optimise their physical well-being and maintain independence in their daily lives.


Know Your Heart Health!

Residents gained invaluable insights into their cardiovascular health and learnt about the factors contributing to their risk of coronary artery diseases, under the expertise of our dedicated nurses, empowering them to take proactive steps towards a heart-healthy lifestyle.


Here to Hear!

Highly popular among our residents, the video otoscopy examination provided them with a comprehensive insight into their ear health. Whether assessing for common conditions or ensuring optimal hearing function, our audiologists offered tips to support their ear health journey.

A big thank you to our friends from RHSO, Health Promotion Board, AIC and IMDA for supporting us with their participation!


by our Healthcare Professionals

Making The Most Out Of Your Clinic Appointment

by Dr Yap Sae Cheong (Senior Resident Physician, Department of Post-Acute & Continuing Care, JCH)

Communication is key! Learn how you can benefit from having productive conversations with your doctor. Dr Yap shared how you can make the most of your doctor's appointment and better facilitate your recovery.


Osteoarthritis Of The Knee And Hip

by Adj Asst Prof Amritpal Singh (Consultant, Division of Hip & Knee Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, NTFGH)

Gain insight into the pivotal role that robots play in surgical procedures. Assistant Professor Amritpal delved deeper into the ways in which robotic technology aids surgeons in achieving optimal surgical outcomes.


Decoding Ageing Myths: Empower your Journey With Supplements

By Jenny Lee Man Sze (Senior Pharmacist, Department of Pharmacy, NTFGH)

Discover more about supplements: Are they genuinely beneficial, or merely a myth? Understand how supplements can enhance your body's well-being.


Preventing Sarcopenia With The Right Nutrition

By Li Yuanyuan (Senior Dietitian, Department of Dietetics & Nutrition, NTFGH)

Understand the secret to combating sarcopenia as you age through proper dieting. Discover how nourishing your body with the right nutrients can ward off muscle loss and maintain strength and vitality.



Move For A Healthier You

By Lai Weng Kin (Senior Physiotherapist, Department of Physiotherapy, NTFGH)

You are never too old to start exercising!From gentle stretches to strength training, discover how staying active can enrich your golden years.

Recap the following health talks here!


360 PhotoBooth

With a photobooth that captured immersive and dynamic photos from every angle, residents enjoyed this fun experience!


WII Challenge

Residents got to test their skills and competed in a variety of exciting virtual adventures.


Juice On!

Residents enthusiastically pedal on the bicycle, before being rewarded with a cup of refreshing juice as their well-deserved treat.

Check out photos from the event here!

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to our dedicated healthcare staff and volunteers who generously devoted their weekend to educating our community on prioritising their health! Our residents in the West thoroughly enjoyed mingling and exploring the booths, gaining valuable insights to various health concerns.

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