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Issue 24

2 February 2024


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Our Stories.

Our Staff Swept 6 out of 15 Awards at the G.R.O.S.S. Awards Ceremony!

Voted by an independent panel, our exceptional teams stood out among the 225 submissions!


JHC's Inaugural Ambassador Appreciation Fiesta

Let us honour and revel in the impactful contributions of our JHC ambassadors!


Heroes Behind the Heroes:
Celebrating Our Loved Ones

A new wall mural dedicated to our loved ones is up @ Tower B, Kampong!


New Year,  New Look @ Healthy Home 2024!

Kicking off the year with our first community event, the 11th Healthy Home brought together staff volunteers from various departments, including our Senior Leaders!


Holomedicine: Healthcare Through Technology

NUHS is the only healthcare system in the region utilising Holomedicine technology.



Look out for the rollout of special happenings all year round! 

Touching hearts touching lives.png

Touching Hearts, 
              Touching Lives.

Staff who inspire, with kindness and compassion

In the News.


两医院150名医护工作者 为18户弱势家庭大扫除 (150 healthcare staff from two hospitals spring clean 18 homes of disadvantaged families)


The annual “Healthy Home” CSR event reaches out to residents who are frail elderly living alone or with little family support. They were identified through referrals from NTFGH’s Medical Social Workers and community partners. Many of them are also our patients. Compared to 2023, about 30% more requests for spring cleaning were received this year..


• Lianhe Zaobao, Page 6 (28 January 2024)

• 8world (27 January 2024)

• Channel 8 news (27 January 2024)

• Capital 95.8FM news (27 January 2024)


老年人吞咽困难 用餐多留意 (Elderly with swallowing difficulties should take note during mealtimes)


Ms Alison Tan, Speech Therapist, NTFGH, elaborated that consequences of dysphagia include aspiration pneumonia, a severe lung infection that can be life-threatening for vulnerable populations like the elderly, as well as malnutrition, dehydration, compromised general health, and in serious cases, even death.


• Shin Min Daily News, Page 16 (23 January 2024)


健康娜件事: 便秘与痔疮 (Anna Health: Constipation and Haemorrhoids


Dr Kwek Liling, Associate Consultant, Colorectal Surgery, NTFGH, provided insights on the symptoms of haemorrhoids and the treatment options available for the condition.


• 96.3 Hao FM, Anna Health (15 January 2024)


前线追踪 – 邻居每晚传来超标噪音 居民:怎么睡? (Frontline – How to sleep with loud noises from neighbour’s unit?) 

Ms Diong Huey Ting, Senior Audiologist, NTFGH, shared how items like ear plugs, headsets and earbuds can be used to block out noise.


• Channel 8, Frontline (19 January 2024)


痛风 (Gout)


Dr Cheryl Chua, Consultant, Rheumatology, NTFGH, shared the symptoms and causes of gout, and what food to avoid when one has gout.


• Capital 958FM (3 January 2024)


Gearing up for super-aged Singapore


JCH redesigned hospital spaces by setting up model flats where patients can practise everyday activities before they are discharged. Named SPACE@JCH, these home-like environments can be used for functional rehabilitation. JCH plans to have seven of such model flats by March 2024.


• The Straits Times (30-31 December 2023)

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