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Issue 14

12 May 2023

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Leaving ICU to die at home, surrounded by family and familiar comforts


"IAmGoingHome", a project dedicated to fulfilling the final wishes of ICU patients on life support who desire to spend their last moments at home, has assisted seven cases since it started in October 2022. Dr Tan Chee Keat, Senior Consultant, Department of Intensive Care Medicine, NTFGH, and Project Lead, initiated the project after a young patient who wanted to go home died in the ICU in 2021 before the team could make the necessary logistics arrangements.


• The Straits Times, The Big Story, Pages A1-2 (1 May 2023)


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ITN Issue 14_2.jpeg

微创介入疗法 治肝癌肿瘤

(Minimally invasive interventional therapy for liver cancer)


Dr Chua Yi-Xiu, Head and Consultant, Division of Interventional Radiology and Computed Tomography Imaging Services, Department of Radiology, NTFGH, discussed interventional oncology therapies used to treat liver cancer. Transarterial Chemoembolisation is one such therapy which involves injecting chemotherapy drugs through a catheter into the hepatic artery to block the blood supply to the tumour.


• Lianhe Zaobao, zbW, Page 21 (30 April 2023)

ITN Issue 14_3.jpeg


(Hypothyroidism could be the cause of sudden weight gain)


Dr Chan Soo Ling, Consultant, Division of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine, NTFGH, discussed hypothyroidism and weight gain. Dr Chan emphasised the need for adherence to prescribed medication and regular monitoring of thyroid function, to ensure that thyroid hormone levels remain in check. Fortunately, blood tests can be used to detect hypothyroidism, and effective treatment is available through safe and highly efficient thyroid hormone replacement therapy.


• Lianhe Zaobao, zbNOW, Page 2 (2 May 2023)

ITN Issue 14_4.jpeg

如何正确使用 鼻胃管喂食 

(How to correctly carry out nasogastric tube feeding)


Nasogastric tube (NGT) feeding is a method of feeding for individuals with swallowing difficulties, such as those recovering from a stroke or requiring additional nutritional supplements. Ms Nellie Tan, Nurse Clinician, JCH, provided the steps for NGT feeding and emphasised that caregivers should stop if the patient chokes or experiences difficulty breathing. 


• Shin Min Daily News, Page 14 (25 April 2023)

ITN Issue 14_5.jpeg




Dr Daniel Kwek, Senior Consultant, Department of Psychiatry, NTFGH, highlighted that environmental influences could contribute to someone developing zoophilia, a condition characterised by the sexual attraction of a human towards an animal. He believes that parents should focus on teaching their children what is appropriate, including respect for animals and humans, instead of prescribing a set of rules for behaviour. 


• Capital 958 FM, #958得益情场 (25 April 2023)

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