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Dietitian's Day 2024

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In commemoration of Dietitian's Day 2024, the Department of Dietetics & Nutrition proactively worked towards raising awareness on the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet. On 15 March, an interactive booth was set up at Tower B Kampung , serving as a focal point for educating staff on the significance of dietary choices in promoting overall health and well-being.


The primary objective of the booth was to engage staff and promote the potential health advantages of adopting an anti-inflammatory diet. Through interactive displays and informative materials, attendees were educated on the role of diet in mitigating inflammation and its impact on chronic disease management. Our dietitians offered insights into the principles and practical applications of an anti-inflammatory diet, highlighting its relevance in reducing the risk of various health conditions.


The event further emphasised the integral role of dietitians within the broader healthcare landscape. By collaborating with other healthcare professionals, dietitians continue to play a vital role in crafting comprehensive treatment plans and impactful lifestyle interventions for patients with chronic diseases. This holistic approach underscores the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork in optimising health outcomes and improving quality of life.

To engage attendees effectively, the team developed two compelling videos with our Communications department to reach out to different audiences. The first video provided an in-depth overview of the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet, for both staff and the general public. The second video featured an engaging cooking demonstration, showcasing practical ways to incorporate anti-inflammatory principles into everyday meals. A delectable salmon bowl paired with a refreshing kefir drink was shared with the audience and the full recipes are available here.


The Department of Dietetics & Nutrition's initiative served as a beacon of awareness on the power of dietary interventions in fostering optimal health. By advocating the adoption of an anti-inflammatory diet, the event reinforced the commitment to empowering individuals to make informed dietary choices for a healthier tomorrow.

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