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Issue 22

8 December 2023


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Our Stories.

Celebrating Excellence, Together!

Congratulations to the organisation and staff on your outstanding achievements!


Climb Your Way to Better Health!

Over 800 coconut drinks were distributed to motivate our staff who climbed the stairs.


Radiography Day 2023


In celebration of the annual Radiography Day, our Radiology Team set up an educational and interactive booth, engaging both staff and members of the public.

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How Did We Score: Our Balanced Scorecard Performance

Eight out of our 14 KPIs are right on track!



A flappin' good time at Mandai Bird Paradise!


JHC Celebrates Deepavali!

A glimpse at how we celebrated the festival of lights with delectable treats and fun activities.🥳

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Your First Delivery of Uniforms and OneNUHS Corporate Jackets is Free!

The Uniform Managment System (UMS) is live! Start ordering your uniforms and the OneNUHS corporate jackets now!


A Leadership's Journey: Making Every Moment Count

Be inspired by a leader who prioritises an outward mindset! 



Look out for the rollout of special happenings all year round! 

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Touching Hearts, 
              Touching Lives.

Staff who inspire, with kindness and compassion

In the News.


纸箱画成艺术品 兴趣公益两不误(Transforming cardboard boxes into art pieces for charity)


Ms Anja Elstner, artist and NTFGH caregiver, chanced upon various artworks displayed in NTFGH premises as part of the hospital’s Arts&Health programme when her parents-in-law were warded. She was then inspired to create more cardboard artworks to raise fund for needy patients under JurongHealth Fund.


• Lianhe Zaobao (30 November 2023)


别让照护工作太沉重 认真看待看护者倦怠 (Don’t overexert yourself with your caregiving duties, Take steps to address caregiver stress and burnout seriously)

Dr Tan Yuyuan, Consultant, Psychiatry, NTFGH, shared that stress is common and by itself is not a mental illness among individuals. She also explained the specific mental health risks associated with long-term caregiving, which include caregiver burnout, major depression and anxiety disorder.


• Lianhe Zaobao (28 November 2023)


看护病患半世纪 (Caring for patients for half a century)

Throughout her nursing career, Ms Ker Yok Tin, Senior Enrolled Nurse, Emergency Department, NTFGH, has borne witness to a myriad of tragic and joyous moments in peoples’ lives. She also finds fulfilment in remaining in NTFGH as she feels that fair treatment and ample opportunities, among other key factors, contribute to her job satisfaction.


• Lianhe Zaobao (27 November 2023)


如何预防张褥疮? (How to prevent bed sores?)

Ms Chen Xi, Senior Podiatrist, NTFGH, provided tips on preventing bed sores, including using heel protectors to reduce pressure on heels and ankles.


• Shin Min Daily News (26 November 2023)

ITN_issue 22_g.png

青年患2型糖尿病的风险 (Risk factors for Type 2 diabetes in young people)

During the interview, Dr Chan Soo Ling, Consultant, Endocrinology, NTFGH, introduced the Bukit Batok East (BBE) Community Health Resource Centre @ Nature View as a hub designed to provide health and wellness education, resources, as well as support for BBE residents. The centre will also offer complimentary diabetes screening for BBE residents to identify those who are most at risk.


• Capital 958FM (22 November 2023)

ITN_issue 22_f.png

上机前后吃喝得当 减缓长途飞行不适 (Choose the right food and drinks to reduce discomfort during long-haul flights)


Ms Sow Bao Yin, Dietitian, NTFGH, recommended eating light on flights. The food can include some carbohydrates and lean protein such as meat or poultry, fish, tofu or eggs, which can reduce hunger and avoid bloating.


• Lianhe Zaobao, zbNOW, Page 1 (21 November 2023)

ITN_issue 22_e.jpeg

糖尿病足如何影响患者的生活作息?如何预防及治疗? (How does diabetic foot affect a patient’s daily life and how can it be prevented and treated?)


Ms Chen Xi, Senior Podiatrist, NTFGH, spoke about the relationship between diabetes and the lower limbs, as well as discussed prevention methods, symptoms, care and treatment of diabetic foot. She also shared more about the podiatry profession.


• Capital 958FM (15 November 2023)


糖尿病足 风险知多少? (How much do you know about risks associated with diabetic foot?)

• Shin Min Daily News, Page 14  (14 November 2023)

ITN_issue 22_c.jpeg
ITN_issue 22_d.jpeg

拥抱大自然 用维他命N滋养身心(Embrace nature and nourish your body and mind with Vitamin N)

Dr Tan Chee Keat, Senior Consultant, Intensive Care Medicine, NTFGH, explained that greenery and fresh air aids the patient’s recovery process. She also added that the koi pond in the healing garden makes patients feel positive.


Ms Lau Yi Yin, Senior Occupational Therapist, JCH, suggested that patients who do not like to be under sunlight can be seated near a window so they can enjoy the outdoor view instead.


Dr Irene Tirtajana, Head and Senior Consultant, Psychiatry, NTFGH, shared that being exposed to nature has a direct effect on physical health, as well as other benefits derived from the natural environment, such as reduced stress level, improved immune functions, and enhanced cognition.


• Lianhe Zaobao, zbLOHAS, Page 1  (14 November 2023

ITN_issue 22_b.png

学捏粘土 (Learning clay art) 


Ms Karen Koh, a local artist and art therapist, shared about "To Pause", an exhibition featuring clay artworks made by Bukit Batok residents, as well as contributions from NTFGH and JCH staff. It is currently on display at NTFGH.


• Capital 958FM (7 November 2023)

ITN_issue 22_a.png

盐水能否取代漱口水? (Can saltwater replace mouthwash?)


Dr Wong Li Beng, Head of Division and Senior Consultant, Restorative & Preventive Dentistry, NTFGH, shared that saltwater gargling alone is not sufficient for effectively removing plaque that accumulates on the surfaces of teeth and gums. He emphasised that the effective use of toothbrushes, flossing, and interdental brushes are important in plaque removal.


• Lianhe Zaobao, zbLOHAS (7 November 2023)

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