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JHC LIVE: Our Very Last Session in 2023

Dr Quek Lit Sin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), took a moment to commend several outstanding individuals across our campus for their remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication. He went on to highlight the Healthcare Humanity Awards 2023, NUHS Teaching Excellence Awards 2023, Singapore Clinician Investigator Award, TWSH Bravery Award and special mention of a display of public-spiritedness

Dr Quek also shared more about the happenings on campus, including the distribution of nearly 8,000 treats to our staff from August to November, as part of our "Every Moment Counts" campaign. This campaign served as a token of our appreciation for our dedicated JHC team and the staff engagement initiatives were a conscious effort to encourage staff to acknowledge and appreciate each other on a personal level.


Digital assets, such as EMC-inspired WhatsApp stickers, email mastheads and footers, are now available for use campus-wide. These assets can be used in both professional and personal communications with colleagues, enhancing the creative and unified representation of our organisation.

In addition to these exciting updates, the upcoming "IM-PECK-ABLE Day Out," a staff appreciation event scheduled for 18 November, was a show-stealer. This event will be an opportunity for our staff to bond with each other out of our workplace environment, not forgetting the amazing prizes including coveted game console, SMART projector, staycations and numerous vouchers! 

And more good news! Dr Quek announced the launch of the Team-building Fun(d), where each staff will be allocated $100 to support interactive team-building activities. Multiple teams and departments can combine their Team-building Fun(d)s to organise mega team-building activities, further nurturing a culture of collaboration and camaraderie.

Next, Lilian Lim, Head & Principal Occupational Therapist from Occupational Therapy introduced the "Support for Patient And Caregiver Engagement (SPACE) at Jurong Community Hospital" programme, which has been designed to facilitate a seamless post-discharge transition for inpatients at JCH. This programme includes the following key features:

  1. Establishing a new rehabilitation area within the ward, equipped with the necessary tools for repetitive training to enhance the recovery process.

  2. Allocating a dedicated space within the ward for caregivers to actively participate in the rehabilitation process of the patients.

  3. Creating a homely and comfortable environment for rehabilitative training to ensure the well-being of patients during their recovery journey.

  4. Training both patients and caregivers on the effective use of teleconsultation services, ensuring that they have access to medical support even after leaving the hospital.

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In conjunction to the NUHS Tree-planting event that took place on campus earlier in the morning, Lim Jiayun, Assistant Manager, Group Hospitality Services, highlighted NUHS's vision and firm commitment to achieving Net Zero Carbon Emission by the year 2045. She emphasised our mission to collaborate with key stakeholders to reduce the environmental impact of our corporate activities, delivering healthcare sustainably for the betterment of current and future generations. Jiayun also drew our attention to the NUHS Green Plan Roadmap.

In alignment with the Singapore 2030 Green Plan and the OneMillionTrees Movement, JurongHealth Campus (JHC) is also taking steps to enhance our existing landscape with more abundant vegetation and natural landscaping. By 2025, JHC aims to plant an additional 11 trees and 4,000 shrubs around the campus, contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment.

It was indeed a milestone moment when our senior leaders came together to plant six trees as part of our green initiative. The senior leaders involved in this significant event were:

  1. Dr Quek Lit Sin, CEO

  2. Clinical A/Prof Gerald Chua, CMB

  3. Ms Christina Loh, Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)

  4. Ms Ng Sow Chun, Chief Nurse (CN)

  5. Adj A/Prof Chee Thong Gan, Senior Director, Allied Health and Community Operations

  6. Ms Lim Jiayun, representing Mr Ng Kian Swan, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

This collective effort reflected our commitment to environmental sustainability and creating a greener aand vibrant environment.

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Let's remember the valuable staff engagement moments that marked the final distribution of the EMC treats to all our staff. It's a testament to the unity and camaraderie within our organisation, and we look forward to many more memorable moments!

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