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Issue 23

5 January 2024


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JurongHealth Campus
2023 Year-in-Review Video
by CEO & CMB

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence!

Catch the highlights of the year, and hear from our CEO and CMB as we look forward to a better 2024!

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(Click the image above to watch the video)

Our Stories.

Brews and Conversations with a Badge

We are the first hospital in Singapore to host "Coffee with a Cop" on campus!


JHC Celebrates Christmas!

It was a jolly good time to eat, drink and be merry. Ho ho ho!🎅


Thank You, ANC Kamala for Your Heroic Action!  

Assistant Nurse Clinician Kamala Velu saved the life of an elderly man found unresponsive in a neighborhood hawker centre.

ANC Kamala2.jpeg

Crafting Magic through Macramé!

Bonding over Macramé Keychain Making!


A Merry Musical Christmas

Christmas magic filled our campus as carols echoed for patients and visitors, and inpatients crafted festive art.



Look out for the rollout of special happenings all year round! 

Touching hearts touching lives.png

Touching Hearts, 
              Touching Lives.

Staff who inspire, with kindness and compassion

In the News.


Sembang Sihat Season 2 Episode 1: COVID-19 (Let’s Talk About Health Season 2 Episode 1: COVID-19)


Dr Norhisham Main, Head of Division & Senior Consultant, Supportive Care & Palliative Medicine, NTFGH, spoke about the risk factors of contracting COVID and the aspects of the body that are affected by COVID. He also introduced the impact of Long COVID and recommended ways to manage the condition.


• Mediacorp Suria, 9pm (27 December 2023)

school bag.png

选对书包 开学了!(Choose the right backpacks for the reopening of school)

Ms Rachel Chua, Senior Occupational Therapist, NTFGH, introduced the features of an ergonomic backpack, which include padded and wide shoulder straps to better distribute load across shoulders, as well as compartments to redistribute the weight of items across the body.


• Shin Min Daily News, Page 12 (26 December 2023)

two hos_01.png
two hos_02.png

本地两所医院准备圣诞特别活动 让义工们向年长患者传递温情 (Two local hospitals prepare special Christmas activities to send cheer to elderly patients)


To celebrate the festive season, NTFGH and JCH organised three weeks of activities to send Christmas cheer to patients through music performances and handicraft sessions. About 500 patients and staff enjoyed this year’s celebrations.


• 8world (21 December 2023)

• Capital 958FM (21 December 2023)

• Lianhe Zaobao, Page 6 (24 December 2023)


儿童肥胖 不可‘小’看?(Do not underestimate childhood obesity)

Dr Yvonne Lim, Senior Consultant, National University Centre for Women and Children (NUWoC) Children’s Clinic, NTFGH, shared that in a small percentage of children, obesity is caused by underlying medical conditions such as endocrine disorders and genetic conditions like specific syndromes and single gene defects. She advised that parents can consider bringing the child for an assessment if the weight continues to increase with or without changing lifestyle.


• Shin Min Daily News, Page 14 (19 December 2023)


Singapore launches framework to protect healthcare workers from abuse and harassment


A framework to protect healthcare workers from abuse and harassment was launched by MOH last week. It consolidates the findings and recommendations from the Tripartite Workgroup for the Prevention of Abuse and Harassment of Healthcare Workers. Our Chief Nurse and other healthcare staff provided comments in a series of media articles.


• Power98 (14 December 2023)

• CNA (13 December 2023)

• Shin Min Daily News, Page 6 (14 December 2023)


糖尿病患者应避免穿拖鞋 (Diabetic patients should avoid wearing slippers)


For people with foot conditions and related issues, Ms Chen Xi, Senior Podiatrist, NTFGH, recommended that covered sports shoes or comfortable leather shoes can provide better support and protection for the feet.


• Shin Min Daily News, Page 8 (10 December 2023)


“我的健康餐盘”饮食选择 (“My Healthy Plate” eating options)

Ms Shanice Lim, Dietitian, NTFGH, shared that adults should include a balanced mix of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein in their diet, following the proportions on My Healthy Plate for the prevention of chronic diseases. She highlighted that maintaining a well-balanced and diverse diet is key throughout all phases of life for overall health and well-being.

Shin Min Daily News, Page 8 (3 December 2023)

准备健康餐食5建议 (5 tips for preparing healthy meals)
Shin Min Daily News, Page 8 (4 December 2023)

老人饮食口味改变原因 (Reasons for changes in the older adults’ eating habits)
Shin Min Daily News, Page 8 (5 December 2023)

老年应如何预防营养不良?(How to prevent malnutrition among older adults?)
Shin Min Daily News, Page 8 (6 December 2023)

健康食材可多样化 变精彩 (Diversify your diet to make healthy eating more exciting)
Shin Min Daily News, Page 8 (7 December 2023)

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