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Issue 20

6 October 2023

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Our Socials.

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The next treats will be:

Chicken Briyani

prepared by Saffrons.

1pm to 5pm*


* While stocks last

For more information, look out for the upcoming EDMs!

9 October 2023

Kampung, Level 2, Tower B


12 October 2023

Oasis, Basement 2, Tower B 

Our Stories.

Step Up Your Health!

Our dedicated physiotherapists celebrated Physiotherapy Day with engaging activities to promote awareness of well-being and health.


19th SQ Awards

We celebrated 82 award recipients whose remarkable contributions have improved the lives of our patients!

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Celebrating the JurongHealth Campus Spirit, Celebrating YOU

We are bringing “Every Moment Counts” to life! ​Take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate each other.


Your Voice Matters


Check out the impactful initiatives and programs inspired by your feedback in the OneNUHS Employee Engagement Survey (ESS) 2022!

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Patient Safety Day

A key moment from Patient Safety Day when champions of patient-centred care unite!


Arts&Health Festival

We proudly marked the seventh edition of Arts&Health Festival with the theme "Small Wonders". Discover the little moments and memories that spark happiness.


Sculpting Excellence:
Right Care Right, First Time, Every Time

Feel the excitement as our staff unveil the official logo for 'Right Care Right, First Time, Every Time' through sand art! Join us in celebrating our commitment to clinical excellence!


Achieving Excellence: JurongHealth Campus and Our Balanced Scorecard

Learn more about our Balanced Scorecard (BSC) - a tool to align strategies, measure performance, and elevate the quality of our healthcare services.

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Look out for the rollout of special happenings all year round! 


Touching Hearts, 
              Touching Lives.

Staff who inspire, with kindness and compassion

In the News.

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尿酸高=痛风?什么是尿酸?什么是嘌呤?什么情况要用药?(Does having high uric acid level lead to gout? What are uric acid and purine? When is medication required for gout?)


Dr Cheryl Chua, Associate Consultant, Rheumatology, NTFGH, provided insights into the causes and treatment options for gout. During the Facebook Live session, Dr Chua also offered advice for the prevention of gout and addressed queries from listeners.


• 963 HAO FM (27 September 2023)

ITN 20_2.png

用对牙膏刷对牙 远离口腔疾病 (Avoid oral diseases by using the right toothpaste to brush your teeth)


Dr Wong Li Beng, Head of Division and Senior Consultant, Restorative & Preventive Dentistry, NTFGH, advised checking the fluoride content on the packaging of toothpastes and recommended those with at least 1000 parts per million (ppm) fluoride for children over three years old, and at least 1500 ppm fluoride for adults to prevent tooth decay effectively.


• Lianhe Zaobao, zbLOHAS, Page 1 
(26 September 2023)

ITN 20_3.png

Tapping artificial intelligence in art therapy for dementia patients


Mr Lee Sze-Chin, an art therapist at JCH, mentioned that dementia patients tend to have identities that are rooted in the past, and the goal during art therapy is to get them to express memories of the past to help them better connect with family members and to soothe themselves.


• The Straits Times Online 
(23 September 2023)

ITN_Issue 20b.jpg

本地两家医院联合举办第七届艺术与健康节 (Local hospitals organise seventh Arts&Health Festival) 


This year’s Arts&Health Festival organised by NTFGH and JCH featured six exhibitions by local artists showcasing the collective creative contributions of about 500 patients, community partners, caregivers, staff and public.


• 8world (22 September 2023)

ITN_Issue 20a.png

听力丧失同认知退化息息相关!(Correlation between hearing loss and cognitive deterioration)


Dr Gary Lee, Head, Audiology, NTFGH,explained what people should do if they suspect that they have hearing loss and mentioned the medical treatments available. During the FB live session, Dr Lee also addressed queries from listeners.


• Capital 958FM (21 September 2023)

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